Group 21: Effects of Irisin on Browning and Adipogenesis

Our video is based on the research article titled, Irisin exerts dual effects on browning and adipogenesis of human white adipocytes. The research was conducted by scientists at The University of Florida College of Medicine. Basically, it is about a hormone, called Irisin, that converts white fat cells into brown fat cells. This is important because white fat cells store energy while brown fat cells burn energy. Our video illustrates the hypothesis, methods, and conclusion related to the experiment in the article. Enjoy.

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44 Responses to Group 21: Effects of Irisin on Browning and Adipogenesis

  1. Carroll Sally says:

    The audio was very clear and easy to understand. I really appreciated the visuals too! They were very entertaining and captivating. Well done!

  2. Berry Savannah says:

    Great connection to real world usage. The video is very professional, and the sound and animations are very good.

  3. Mavris Sophia says:

    I like how the speaker talked nice and slow and was not just rushing through the material. I appreciate that there was some background information (i.e. what is Irisin?) to help the viewer to understand the material. I also like the actual cartoons in the video!

  4. Sheng Erika says:

    I really liked the animation; it kept the video really interesting. There were really good explanations about the study and it was easy to understand. This video kept me interested and I wanted to learn more! The audio was really clear and easy to understand. Great work!

  5. Schulz Laura says:

    I like the cartoon-nature to your video. It has a style similar to Crash Course, which I like! The information was also presented in a way that made it easy for anyone – regardless of scientific background – to understand.

  6. Vacko Katharine says:

    I loved the cartoons you used in your video. It was neat, engaging, and easy to understand. The speaker also did a great job of making this topic easy to understand. My group did a project on the same subject, so it was interesting to see a different interpretation of the experiment. I really appreciated the way you guys described UCP1 too. Our group struggled a little on how to explain the protein, but y’all did a great job!

  7. Su Steven says:

    Good video, it was clear. Visuals kept it very engaging. You focused on some of other findings of the research so it was interesting!

  8. Aldrete Carlos says:

    Great video, I hadn’t seen many videos using animation and that made this video really stand out. The animation keeps the video engaging and gives it character. One thing I would fix would be to take out the clicking sounds in the audio and to raise the vocal levels.

  9. Meyer Alexander says:

    Awesome use of animations for visuals and great use of voice to keep the viewer engaged with the video. The clicking in the background of the audio (I assume a laptop trackpad) was slightly distracting, but the speaker did an awesome job explaining the concepts in a clear and easy to understand way. The tie in at the end of the video to the concepts learned in the class was a nice addition. Overall amazing work!

  10. Bentata Benezry says:

    Great video! High Quality and very nice visuals and animations. The concepts are explained really clear.

  11. Bonitatibus Rachael says:

    The animations in this video are very well done and professional. The concepts are explained well and your figures are easy to understand. I really enjoyed the ending to the video with ties into our course topics.

  12. Patel Tilak says:

    I like how you used Powtoon to make this video. It made the visuals more appealing and the video was more engaging as a result. The information was stated clearly and in a simple way.

  13. McCullough Hannah says:

    This video is awesome! The audio is clear, the speakers are perfectly paced, the cartoons are informative, and the information is broken down well, so I understood everything being said. Great job!

  14. Carkuff Rachel says:

    This video was great! The information was clear and very easy to understand. The audio was at a great pace and level. The visuals were super cute, and they went along great with the video! I didn’t know there were different types of fat cells, so this was very interesting to learn about!

  15. Madeline Lazar says:

    The video looked so cool! It was really fun to watch. I think more time could have been spent showing the graphs; they are up for a short amount of time, and having them up for just a couple more seconds would give the viewer time to read the graph a bit more.

  16. Fox Abigail says:

    The video had many good explanations, like defining white and brown fat cells. I really like the use of PowToon because the video was very engaging and easy to follow along with. I also like the pace of the narrator. The Pre-Fat variation and UPC1 figures are very easy to read and interpret.

  17. Wauldron Natalia says:

    I liked you guy’s approach with the animation, and it was well done. The explanations of the information presented were very well and clearly discussed, and I found myself engaged the entire time. Very good job!

  18. Hebert Mason says:

    I love PowToon! The visuals and animation were great and kept my attention the entire time. Good, interesting video.

  19. O'brien-Russell Charlotte says:

    The audio was very clear and the visuals and animation made the video very easy to follow. I liked how you defined some of the terms in the beginning, this made it easier for me to understand what the experiment was about. The graphs were also very informative and made the results of the experiment very clear.

  20. Reeves Devon says:

    Loved this video! It was super easy to follow along because of the visuals and everything was explained clearly. Overall, awesome video and good job!

  21. Bondarev Dmitry says:

    The animation in this video is great. The speaker manages to convey all the important information with sufficient clarity.

  22. Lever Alice says:

    The animations were excellent! They made the video engaging and easy to watch. I also appreciated how you gave a little background information on brown and white fat so that the experiment and its purpose made sense.

  23. Dubey Shresttha says:

    The visuals were the best visual I’ve seen so far on any of the videos. The way that everything was explained, especially the rhetoric and inflection of tone, helps a lot in carrying the message throughout the video.

  24. Megan says:

    Great video! The animations were helpful and well-done, the timing of the animations with the voiceover was in sync, and the combination of the two clearly explained the concepts of the study. I feel as though I really understand the study after watching the video. Nice job!

  25. Taylor Thomas says:

    This video was really well done. The animations were nice and informative. The audio was full of information and slow enough to fully understand.

  26. Washburn Benjamin says:

    Great visuals and was very informative and easy to follow. Good connection to both the real world and our course. Background information at the beginning was very useful to fully understand the purpose of the experiment. Great video overall!

  27. Bresch Troy says:

    The animation in the video was very good. The speakers slowly and clearly presented the information making it easy to understand. Also it was nice how the video related to the real world as well as our 1510 Bio course.

  28. Noah Rittenberg says:

    The animation in this video looks like it was done by a professional. The information was conveyed excellently. One of the best videos that I have seen on here!

  29. Taylor Micah says:

    The animations in this video look really good and make the video look very professional! The narrator did a great job of sounding excited about the topic, which really helps the audience stay engaged with the video.

  30. Cho Soo says:

    The video was very organized and clear to understand. Also, I liked her tension of voice.
    Now, I learned that white fat cells store energy, but brown fat cells burn energy from the video.

  31. Torres Samantha says:

    The animations in this video were great! The information was presented in a way that was engaging and easy to understand. Great job!

  32. Zachary Karpenko says:

    This was a great video! It was entertaining and factual while also staying at a decent pace that made everything easy to understand better.

  33. Megan McLaurin says:

    I loved the animation of this video. It worked really well with the animation you were trying to explain. I just wish you would have gone into more detail about what uses the results of this experiment has. Just helping with obesity seems vague.

  34. Nagesha Anirudh says:

    The graphics in this video are amazing! The narration goes with the graphics very well in a logical, easy to understand way. My only issue with it is that the results were not explained as in depth as they could have been. I learned a lot from this video. Great job!

  35. Swope Jason says:

    Really great animation along with crisp audio that made the presentation stellar. Explained the experiment very well along with the meaning behind it. Very well done.

  36. Vezeau Alexandra says:

    The information was presented well. I really enjoyed some of the animation and I thought it was very helpful for showing the UCP1 protein.

  37. Brockman Christine says:

    Great video! The visuals and animations were great, and I could tell that a lot of effort was put into creating this video. The information was presented well, however I think there could have been a smoother conclusion to this video.

  38. Eling Taylor says:

    The graphics were entertaining and helpful, and the narration was clear and dynamic- very easy to follow!

  39. Svitak Ethan says:

    A very well crafted video that made good use of animation that few other groups utilized. The amount of effort put into the video was clear and led to a high quality production.

  40. Jehle John says:

    This is the best video I’ve seen so far! The video itself is outstanding with all the graphics and info bubbles. The speaker is clear and concise, and I love how the speaker constantly asks questions for the viewer. The video is engaging and very informative! Nice job!

  41. Parikh Krishna says:

    The animations and visual effects overall in this video made it seem like it was done by professionals. In addition to the video quality, the information presented was great as it showed the relevant connections to our course.

  42. Tokos Margaret says:

    Great animations. The visuals were very helpful with the explanations. Video was interesting and all the important points were emphasized well. Very well done video for this project.

  43. Mendoza Franco says:

    This video was extremely well-paced and organized. The amount of time used for introduction, exposition, explanations, links and importance was great. The explanations were very well-done, attracting interest to the subject

  44. Durrah Mirage says:

    Great video! I loved the use of animation, it definitely added to the quality of the project and allowed the video to stand out. The speakers voice was very clear and easy to understand.

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