Group 6. The Phylogenetic Roots of Human lethal Violence

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43 Responses to Group 6. The Phylogenetic Roots of Human lethal Violence

  1. Groves Daniel says:

    The experiment was described in a way that was easy to understand. I like how you tied back in the ending with the beginning of the video. The speaker also made some nice attempts at humor.

  2. lwilson64 says:

    Interesting topic that was well explained and related to real life. Video and audio were well done, and very comprehensible.

  3. Olaniran Peace says:

    I enjoyed the process of your group giving the topic of phylogeny of human violence and the explanation of the possible causes. Furthermore, I loved how key words were explained well and applied to things that we learned in class and that occurs in life now. The video was very informative and put together well.

  4. Medina Tatyana says:

    I really enjoyed the humor of the video because it kept the viewer engaged and interested in what the speaker was saying. I also thought that the visuals were well done and matched with what the speaker was saying. Connecting human violence to the module of evolution was nicely done and tied everything together. Great job!

  5. Meyer Alexander says:

    Nice use of humor in this video to keep the presentation interesting and engaging. The content from the article is explained very well, and white board drawing were very creative and nice. Great video!

  6. Wilson Isaiah says:

    I enjoyed the humor of the video, but more importantly I enjoyed the clarity of the video. This was an interesting topic and this video did it justice.

  7. Ogan Soseimiebi says:

    I thought the amount of movement was a little excessive and at times distracted me from the speakers information. Otherwise that, it was a very informative video with cool drawing and diagrams to help understand the main topic.

  8. Filmer Andres says:

    I thought this video was really fun to watch. The information was well put. The drawings were also really nice. Good video.

  9. Qin Nina says:

    The meerkats kind of reminded me of teletubbies. I thought the video had great comical input, and you guys did a good job making the study interesting. I liked how you guys cited Dr. Kerr’s blog portion on phylogenetic trees. Slick.

  10. Patel Amy says:

    Hahah loved the intro! Very intriguing! The cute drawings and funny commentary definitely kept me entertained to want to learn a lot more about lethal violence.

  11. Fox Abigail says:

    I like how the video began with the calculation of lethal deaths. The video has many good explanations of terms and the audio is at an understandable pace. The graphics were drawn very well and I like how the narrator tries to engage with the viewers and seems very interested in the topic. The graphs are very helpful in understanding the data as well.

  12. Grande Guillermo says:

    Not only did I find the actual study discussed in this video to be very interesting, this video in particular also did a great job presenting it! The visuals were excellent and the attempts at humor were pleasantly cringe worthy, keeping me engaged throughout the video. The video tied in concepts from the evolution module nicely and presented the study in a clear manner. Great job!

  13. Amoss John says:

    Very funny. Video was very engaging, both due to the interesting nature of the study and how goofy you guys are. I’m glad I watched it.

  14. Wauldron Natalia says:

    The humor is this video was very well balanced with the information presented. It definitely helped to keep me engaged the entire time. Video was very clear- good job.

  15. White Samantha says:

    I thought yall’s topic was very interesting and I loved how all incorporated a little humor which made the video very captivating. Great job!

  16. White Samantha says:

    I thought yall’s topic was very interesting and I loved how all incorporated a little humor into the video making it even more captivating. Great job!

  17. Bentata Benezry says:

    Nice video. I had the same topic , and I think you explained all the information very clearly. Good work, and nice drawings!

  18. Mathur Anmol says:

    The visuals were great and matched closely with the audio. The attempt at humor was good and kept the viewer engaged. Overall, I enjoyed the video.

  19. Born Adam says:

    All of the content from the paper seemed to be presented very thoroughly. The drawings were very good and helped with explaining the content. The comparisons and examples were useful in explaining the topic.

  20. Taylor Thomas says:

    The humor was nice to keep the viewer engaged. The video as a whole was very informative.

  21. Lucas Council says:

    This was one of the most interesting studies, and the drawings were very funny and visually appealing. The audio was also very clear. I have no critiques, actually. Awesome video

  22. Taylor Micah says:

    This video is very well presented, providing all the necessary information while also managing to include some humor. It was informative and entertaining to watch! Great job!

  23. Mahajan Divya says:

    Fantastic visuals, information and narration.

  24. Anderson Eric says:

    I liked that the script kept this video light and entertaining! The drawings were also well done and kept the eye on relevant information. I still don’t completely understand HOW lethal violence of a species can correlate to its phylogeny. But the description of the study and its findings are clear (in that I understand what the conclusions are, just not how they were correlated.)

  25. McKean Thomas says:

    You had some great comedic moments peppered throughout the film, and it helped to keep my attention. However, these did detract somewhat from scientific content of the project. Nonetheless, great job!

  26. Green Madison says:

    I thought the video was very entertaining and humorous. It was easy to watch and understand and I liked the simplification of a very complex experiment.

  27. Torres Samantha says:

    I really appreciated the lighthearted moments in the script-they made the video more enjoyable to watch while still conveying the key information of the study. The visuals and audio were well synchronized, and I appreciated how the end frame tied back to the initial one. Great job!

  28. vjohn6 says:

    This was a very good video with the visuals and explanations. I especially liked the way some of the terms were explained so it was easier to understand the study. Overall, it was very good.

  29. Megan McLaurin says:

    I loved this video. It was entertaining and you took a subject and tried to put some humor in it. Your drawings matched the information and were helpful in explaining it.

  30. Couvillion Cristina says:

    Good intro/background information. The jokes, though cheesy, made it relatable and kept my attention. The findings were explained clearly.

  31. Swope Jason says:

    Great job with the opening to engage me. Overall good video with nice videos drawing out your graphs. I really enjoyed the commentary also explaining the interesting topic very well.

  32. Garg Pallavi says:

    I liked how you incorporated humor into the video! It made it very enjoyable to watch and continued to explain the experiment without distraction.

  33. Berlinghoff Adam says:

    This video included a lot more comedy than a lot of the others, which made it easier to watch. The narration was clear and the information was presented in a way that was easy to understand.

  34. Sewall Christian says:

    It was an interesting , funny, and thoroguh, video. It was easy to stay engaged and excited through the vid.

  35. Okudoh Victoria says:

    This is very detailed. I enjoyed the relation to phylogeny.

  36. Jehle John says:

    Nice jokes in the film! They kept the viewer wanting more and on their feet! The drawings seemed very plain, so those could’ve used a little of work. Overall, I thought the topic was very interesting and the video was very informative.

  37. Chawla Rishab says:

    I really liked the introduction as it was very captivating. The drawings were neither too simple nor too complicated and flowed well the presentation of ideas. Good job on incorporating terms from lecture like proximate and ultimate causes!

  38. Chen Morissa says:

    For a very complex study this video presented the information very clearly in a way that did oversimplify concepts but made it easy to understand.

  39. Polik Hayriye says:

    Video is engaging and clear, which is very important. The voice and narrating of the video are perfectly done.

  40. Parikh Krishna says:

    The narration made this experiment easy to understand and relate to what we have learned in class. I enjoyed the video and it was clear to see the amount of thought that went into making it.

  41. Moore Collin says:

    You explained the terminology related to your theory well, making it easier to understand.

  42. Perry Timothy says:

    Interesting topic, very humorous. Information was presented well too, and it didn’t interfere with the tone of the presentation. Job well done.

  43. Durrah Mirage says:

    I enjoyed the introduction! Very creative way to capture the audience’s attention. I liked the addition of humor integrated in the video & the information was well-represented thrpugh thre drawings.

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