Group 13 – Cancer Risk in Patients Suffering from Barrett’s Esophagus

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55 Responses to Group 13 – Cancer Risk in Patients Suffering from Barrett’s Esophagus

  1. Mavris Sophia says:

    I like how you included some background information so the viewer understands what the material covers. One thing to note is maybe slow down the speed of the speaker because at points in the video it goes a little too fast to understand. Overall the video was interesting and well done!

  2. Carroll Sally says:

    I love how informative your video is. One note is that it was sometimes difficult to read and understand the visuals. But, overall, very well done!

  3. Ogan Soseimiebi says:

    The video was well put together, and generally easy to follow. At one point the voice over was a little fast and hard to understand. But again, structure was very good.

  4. Sheng Erika says:

    I really enjoyed the white board format; it made it really interactive. It was super informative and made the content easy to understand! It was kind of hard to understand some of the members. In addition, I really liked the music choice! Great Job!

  5. Park Cassie says:

    The video was very clear and easy to understand. It followed a logical layout of the study. I liked how all group members were incorporated into the video, and the music was a nice touch. Although there could have been some points of humour. Overall, nice job.

  6. Adithi Anil says:

    I enjoyed the background music and the video was easy to follow. However, parts of the voiceover were a little difficult to follow because of echoing or because of talking to quickly.

  7. Dowling Margaret says:

    I really enjoyed this video. I thought this group did a great job of clearly conveying the concepts of the study in a manner that was easy to understand and connecting the information to what we have learned in class. Some parts of the voiceovers were hard to understand, but overall this video was very well done!

  8. Medina Tatyana says:

    I thought that this group did really well in providing explanations that allow a person without any prior knowledge is able to understand. I also a liked how the group included information from the evolutionary module and the molecule module. It was interesting to see information learned in class applied in a study. The background music was a little too loud and made it hard to understand the speaker but overall very well done!

  9. White Samantha says:

    I really enjoyed watching this group’s video. The drawing were very engaging, but at some points the pictures were not clear and I didn’t know how they matched up with the content being discussed. Overall the video was concise and easy to understand.

  10. Murray Hannah says:

    Seeing as I had this topic for my video as well, I understand how it can be difficult to explain this experiment and make accurate connections with the results. I think your group did a great job and I loved all the drawings! The background music was a little loud at times but I thoroughly enjoyed it overall.

  11. Wilson Isaiah says:

    Great background information. Video is clear and concise leaving little room for confusion. Visuals compliment video and make it engaging.

  12. Filmer Andres says:

    I really enjoyed the classic white board drawings to keep me interested in the topics. The voices were clear and the topics were very well explained. The background music also kept me engaged.

  13. Zou Qing says:

    I really enjoyed the white board drawing, and how easy I can understand the information shown in the video. One thing is the speed is a little bit fast for me to catch up.

  14. Patel Tilak says:

    I enjoyed the visuals, and the information was relayed in an easy to understand way. The group members articulated well, but it was hard to hear some of the audio because of the music. Overall, well done and very informative.

  15. Kaparos Efiyenia says:

    The group did a good job explaining a difficult and complex topic. The background music was a little overbearing at times and made the audio difficult to hear.

  16. Delgrego Megan says:

    I really like the style of and music in the video, and the group did a good job explaining things clearly. However, at some times the narrator spoke to fast and the handwriting was hard to read, making understanding the video more difficult. Overall nice job.

  17. Lever says:

    The visuals were well done. They did a good job of further explaining what the speaker was saying while still being entertaining. I also appreciated how the group presented the information in a way that was easy to understand for people with no previous knowledge on the topic. My only advice would be to make the speakers’ voices very clear. They were hard to hear and understand at some points.

  18. Stratton Lauren says:

    This video was clear and easy to understand because the information was explained pretty simply and was well connected to our class information. I thought the music was sometimes too loud, or the voices were too quiet, making it a little hard to hear/understand the speakers at times. Overall, though, I really liked the set up of this video and the visuals.

  19. Carkuff Rachel says:

    There were some terms that I would not have understood if I had not done this study as well; some more definitions would have been useful in this video. The music was also a little too loud at times. However, I really like the significance of these results that you all included. I think you guys did a really great job explaining the results of this experiment!

  20. Bhakhri Arohi says:

    I thought the music was a nice and the cheeriness of the song was pretty humorous for such a grave topic. The illustrations were good and helpful for understanding the material! I like the figures chosen to represent their information.

  21. Chaewon Min says:

    The video in general was very informative and you guys did a very good job explaining the terms that the audience may have not understood. The visual could have been better if the whiteboard was cleaner.

  22. Amoss John says:

    Overall a good video, but audio and visuals were a little unclear at times. The topic was interesting and I feel that I learned a lot.

  23. Wauldron Natalia says:

    I liked all the easy to follow pictures and representations, but at some times, the voice over was a little too difficult to follow due to how fast it was. Definitely shows you guys knew the information though.

  24. Marquardt Kristina says:

    I enjoyed this video a lot because the group did an excellent job explaining things that were not clear to me. The connections to what we learned in class were good and the background music was a nice tough. However, at times the music was too loud and the voices were too soft, making it hard to hear. The narration was also at quite varying paces which was slightly distracting.

  25. Hebert Mason says:

    The video was incredibly informative and interesting, however at one point the narration becomes difficult to follow. Other than that the video is very structured and well put together.

  26. Higgins Lisa says:

    This video had great visuals and was extremely interesting and informative. My only critique is that the music sometimes made it difficult to hear what the group was saying sometimes. I also appreciated the background information provided at the beginning of the video.

  27. Stolz Alexandra says:

    I really enjoyed this video. The visuals were great and I like how music was added to the video. This group did a very nice good of presenting the information in a way that made it easy to understand. Overall, the video was nicely to put together and I learned a lot.

  28. Megan says:

    You did a clear, thorough job of presenting the information from the study. However, it was slightly distracting that the voice of the narrator kept switching, and some of the speakers were harder to understand or spoke too quickly. Sticking to one effective narrator would have made this video much better, in my opinion. But the visuals were cute and the content was solid, so it’s only a minor complaint.

  29. Washburn Benjamin says:

    I like the use of the white board, keeps it interesting to watch and easier to follow along with. Sometimes the voiceover was a little quick and the background music a little loud making it harder to follow along with the narrator. Overall very well put together, informative, and easy to follow.

  30. Hoey Maeve says:

    Very creative visuals that made the material being discussed a lot easier to understand and made the video entertaining, as well as being easy to follow along with. The ideas presented were very helpful in understanding the topics that the study investigated. Great job!

  31. Noah Rittenberg says:

    Great video! There are great visuals and clear and consice information. Some of the talking is overshadowed by the music, but other than that, you guys did an amazing job!

  32. Karius Alexander says:

    Overall this was a great video! It was very effective at communicating information, plus the music made the video more engaging. I did not find the video to ever be too hard to follow or understand either.

  33. Bhayana Shivika says:

    I really liked the clarity of your video and the material presented. It is nice that even though it is all drawings, you have more than one group member talking. The music was a bit loud for the video, but besides that good job!

  34. Torres Samantha says:

    I really enjoyed the material of this video and the way in which it was presented! The video was very engaging throughout. The music was occasionally too loud for the voiceovers to be heard clearly, but overall this group did an excellent job!

  35. Umair Alvi says:

    I believe the video was great at explaining the research using the visuals on the whiteboard, I just wish that you guys shared the information in a more interesting and original way. Overall, I learned a lot, which is most important, but I had issues hearing one of your group mates as they spoke. Despite this, I believe you guys did a phenomenal job!

  36. McKean Thomas says:

    The video was very engaging and the speakers were clear and thorough. My only complaint was that sometimes the pictures moved too fast to be understood or were easily missed when one is paying attention to the dialogue.

  37. Green Madison says:

    I really enjoyed this video and I thought it was entertaining to watch and easy to understand. The information explained very thoroughly and I learned a lot watching it.

  38. Joseph Shaver says:

    Drawings go along with the information, which make it entertaining and interesting.Great music and clear background information. Video stays on topic which leaves little room for confusion.

  39. Mount Conner says:

    Great video! I really like the animation, which helped me follow what you were saying. I thought the music was a little loud compared to the voices, but overall well done!

  40. Taisha Likes says:

    I enjoyed this video. They are very informed about their topic. I loved the music. There were a couple parts where the whiteboard was unreadable, or the narrator was mumbling. Other than that it was an interesting video. Good Job!

  41. Marcos Schwaycer says:

    Thank you for your video! It was very entertaining as well as informative. I liked your use of music as well. My only complaint is that the text was hard to read at times. Overall though I really enjoyed it.

  42. Jones Dillon says:

    Nice self-made visuals. You helped make the subject easy to understand, even to people with little background knowledge about the condition.

  43. Quintas Gabriel says:

    The visuals were great and easy to follow. The information was concise and the narration was great !

  44. Patel Parth says:

    The video was really interesting because of the visuals. They were both appealing and made the subject easy to understand/ follow. The sound and picture quality were both good. Overall, great job.

  45. Ali Shan says:

    The video was well put together with effective visuals and narration. However, at times, it was difficult to understand the speaker because of the rate of talking as well as the background music. Also, the text was hard to read at times. Otherwise, it was easy to follow and was very informative!

  46. Turner Emma says:

    This was a very good and entertaining video, however sometimes the speaker was very difficult to understand and were talking so fast the subtitles didn’t really help.

  47. Phillips Matthew says:

    The music set the tone of the video very well,and the video was very informative. Occasionally, the speaker was hard to understand ,but overall it was a well done video. The importance of this study was explained very well.

  48. Rajchel Milosz says:

    The writing was difficult to read at times, but the video contained all the information on the topic (I know since I had the same one). It was clearly presented. Very well done!

  49. Vezeau Alexandra says:

    I think it was a good video all-together with easy to follow information, but some of the voice-overs were quieter than others.

  50. smortley3 says:

    This was a very well done video and the topic is very interesting, but the audio was a little too fast to fully understand in some parts of the video. It does a good job of outlining the experiment and explaining background information.

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