Group 17 Community selection increases biodiversity effects

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32 Responses to Group 17 Community selection increases biodiversity effects

  1. Benjamin says:

    Creative format

  2. Emmanuel says:

    Excellent definition of the terms to allow the audience to better understand the concept of community selection!

  3. Aaron says:

    Good job with the visuals. However, the audio switching often between narrators was a bit distracting.

  4. Rebecca says:

    The video makes great connections back to the modules we learned, making it easier to understand. Overall, a good video.

  5. Rian says:

    This video did a great job simplifying the concepts of biodiversity. The audio was pretty touch to hear at some points though. I really enjoyed the crayon drawings instead of the whiteboard drawings every other group had.

  6. Sarah says:

    Very cute, video was cohesive and had all the big ticket items from the rubric. Lacked closed captions though

  7. Daniel says:

    The way the video was presented was very creative and utilized efficiently. You did a very good job of defining the terms, and in doing this it helps the audience follow along with the topic more easily. I would suggest changing the audio, the dialog feels a little distant. But that’s not very significant overall.

  8. Sanders says:

    The visuals were very cute. Having one of the narrators ask questions was very effective.

  9. Mary says:

    I’ve gotta disagree with Bernie up here. Visuals were….scary….definitely not cute.

  10. Dennis says:

    Nice format and good job explaining everything!

  11. Timothy says:

    The video did a really good job of tying the experiment to topics we learned in class, really thorough. The conversation/narrative was unique and worked pretty well. The audio could have been a little cleaner, but I enjoyed the video!

  12. Zahra says:

    I really like the concept of your video! explained the research well!

  13. Kodi says:

    You explained the research excellently and defined terms. I felt that I was learning without being pandered to and I like that. You all did great work

  14. Olivia says:

    cute drawings and I came away from this video with a clear understanding of Sofia’s experiment.

  15. Cameron says:

    Very creative and informative!

  16. Eunice says:

    The visuals are good but could have been a little clearer, but great video!!

  17. Diana says:

    I liked how you framed the video around questions.

  18. Simran says:

    Personally, I felt as if the video was very bland and could be improved. The pictures were not interactive and the drawings were a little rough looking. The vocals were easy to understand. I liked how you easily you explained the article.

  19. Carl says:

    unique format that explained experiment well

  20. Jonathan says:

    The drawings made the story interesting, but did not always contribute to the clarity or message of the video. Good job overall though!

  21. Diya says:

    This video really helped me understand the concepts associated with biodiversity. The explanatory format was complemented by the crayon drawings which I thought were really cute. Closed captions would have been great especially because audio was a bit unclear at certain points.

  22. Mason says:

    I liked the hand-drawings and enjoyed the comments that the plants made. I also thought you did a good job explaining background information, and the concepts from the experiment.

  23. Chidike says:

    Creative formatting with the important questions being answered by the narrator. Good source of information as well.

  24. Niya says:

    Wish there was written information to emphasize the important parts of the video & more animations. Overall, great background and easy to follow

  25. Nematou says:

    I enjoyed the hand drawn pictures but they could’ve been more clear. The concepts were explained very well though.

  26. Olivia says:

    The information was presented well in the script and I enjoyed the pictures, but they were hard to understand at times.

  27. Amamihechukwu says:

    The conversational dialogue of this video along with the use of crayon is more engaging and different from other videos here. I wish you used more slides though-well drawn!

  28. Ariana says:

    cute visuals, it was different than most videos by using the crayons

  29. Anton says:

    Good job showing what biodiversity is. You simplified the experiment so it was understandable without much background information and the drawing made the video enjoyable to watch.

  30. Jackson says:

    The audio quality and images used were a little sub-par, however you definitely got the right points across from the paper. In summation, nice job.

  31. Szu-Hui says:

    Cute drawings that are very interesting to watch but also very easy to understand.

  32. Eleanor says:

    The crayon was a cool twist and I liked the narration even if the audio was a bit patchy at time. Good work overall though!

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