Group 10 Social Bet Hedging in Vampire Bats

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17 Responses to Group 10 Social Bet Hedging in Vampire Bats

  1. Isabelle Musmanno says:

    Puppets were super cute, creative, and helpful for understanding!

  2. Cristina Rosello says:

    The puppets really added to the visual effectiveness of the video. The drawing of graphs and definitions also made the topic easier to understand. Good job guys!

  3. Ruthrajeevi Venkat Govindaraj says:

    The puppets were super funny, and the info was easy to understand.

  4. Tyrus Wheeler says:

    Entertaining yet informative video. I thought the puppets were a nice touch. Story line was easy to follow.

  5. Casey Erb says:

    Very informative and well illustrated. Some of the audio was a little muted but I think the graphics made up for it.

  6. Ji Eun Lim says:

    Informative, funny and easy to understand! The visuals and explanation were very clear.

  7. Nicholas Johnson says:

    lmaoooo this was great! very informative and entertaining

  8. Joshua Baker says:

    This video was very fun to watch and had some clear information. The audio was a bit hard to hear, but otherwise, the presentation was very well done.

  9. Piper Brownlee says:

    Great job! I think it flowed really well and did a good job getting across the main ideas; simple and effective

  10. Atikud Rouf says:

    The video is very good! Using the puppets gave the video a very unique flair that kept the video engaging and funny. The paper is very well explained also.

  11. Ryan Knipe says:

    Bat puppet scenarios were funny and a helpful example

  12. Tyler Oliver says:

    The bat puppets were an semi-entertaining way of portraying the interactions amongst the pap populations in kin v. non-kin relationships. Utilizing the puppets, greatly helped the explanation and utilizing the definitions in layman’s terms increased the accessibility of the topic to other audiences.

  13. Harrison Skelton says:

    Great Job! The puppetry was very engaging and a great to display the information. I was a little confused before the puppet scene, but was clear on the information once the scene was over.

  14. Swati Sharma says:

    Really cute video! The puppets were adorable, and the information was presented well and easy to understand.

  15. Mythri Ravoori says:

    This is great!! The only problem I had was the audio but the video and graphics were amazing!! Great job on the puppets idea, it was super cute and creative!! Overall, nice job guys!!

  16. Joseph Davis says:

    I think the puppets were a creative way to present the information, and the general presentation of the experiment made it easy to comprehend.

  17. Naqiya says:

    I appreciated the defining of the terms in the beginning of the video, and the bat puppets were so cute! Good job getting the information across in this video.

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