Group 10: Telomere length is reflected by plumage coloration and predicts seasonal reproductive success for the barn swallow

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71 Responses to Group 10: Telomere length is reflected by plumage coloration and predicts seasonal reproductive success for the barn swallow

  1. Sho says:

    Good job with the visuals! I also like how you guys clearly went into detail for the background information, it was very thorough.

  2. Theresa says:

    I liked how you connected the topic to class, it’s clear you really understand the topic, great job!!

  3. James says:

    Video was pretty good. You diagrams and pictures were on point. Videoscribe was a good choice for this project, even if you had the watermark.

  4. Taylor says:

    I am so impressed with the graphics included in this project!! It made the video very entertaining!! Good job!!

  5. Seenam says:

    The diagrams were really easy to follow overall a great video!

  6. Zhubo says:

    Great video! Informative and engaging. I wonder which software you guys used to make this video!

  7. Mira says:

    The format of the video was entertaining and went well with the narration.

  8. Kelly says:

    The animation is very visually pleasing. I wish I knew how to do stuff like that.

  9. Christian says:

    The animations and visuals were some of the best I’ve seen so far.

  10. Elizabeth says:

    The animations were awesome. Very impressive!

  11. Tyler says:

    The electronic formatting of the video makes it very aesthetically pleasing and the picture used for the chromosome helps the viewer better understand the components of the chromosome and thus tie to the video better.

  12. Tyler says:

    I like the animation but the speed is off at some points.

  13. Anaqa says:

    The animations were well made and explained the concepts clearly. As for the information, it was well presented by connecting it to class concepts and providing supportive definitions for concepts such as telomeres.

  14. Cayla Marie says:

    I love your visuals! I think they have a good balance of being both interesting to look at, as well as informative. And the way you explain how the information is related to the class is very concise.

  15. Lauren says:

    The video visual quality was really good! It was very interesting to watch and I liked how your whole group was on audio.

  16. Christin says:

    The video was very professional-looking. The audio and narration could use some work, but overall it was very well done!

  17. William says:

    The video and graphics quality is top notch, but the audio can be a little hard to follow at times. I liked how almost everything was related back to what we learned in class, which made it a little bit easier to comprehend.

  18. Ana says:

    I love the animation!! This kinda reminds me of the Amoeba Sisters videos we watch for our webpages. Another thing I liked was that you guys explicitly specified exact modules that your paper related to

  19. Andrew says:

    The animations made it fun to learn from it. On the other hand, the script and tone of voice made it hard to learn.

  20. Isabelle says:

    The sound of the video and the timing make it a little hard to follow along but others=wise the information is given decently well.

  21. David says:

    Overall, I felt that the video was a really interesting and different way of presenting information that I found very relevant and a good application of the knowledge gained in the course

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