Group 24–Preventing Malaria by Genetic Modification of Mosquitoes

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44 Responses to Group 24–Preventing Malaria by Genetic Modification of Mosquitoes

  1. Abigail says:

    Your music choice is distracting, but the content itself is logical and good quality.

  2. Emma says:

    Good job connecting the experiment to its real world impact.

  3. Nicole says:

    Your video flows very well. Your topic is logical due to how you explain it in a series of steps.

  4. Reagan says:

    Really good job talking about parasitism and mutualism! You communicated really well how your study relates back to what we’ve talked about in class.

  5. Patrick says:

    I especially liked in this video how everything flowed well together, though the audio was a bit distracting at times.

  6. Soham says:

    The music seems to overshadow the video, but there were nice connections with the topics we discussed in class, and the overall content was quite good.

  7. Alianna says:

    The concepts were explained well and I liked how you connected it to things we have learned in class. The music was a bit distracting, but overall it was easy to understand.

  8. Victoria says:

    The music is very distracting, but the material was very interesting. I liked learning about how people are trying to solve such large problems like malaria.

  9. Amanda says:

    I liked the music, but it was a little too loud. Very good though, I liked all the drawings!

  10. Ian says:

    Good job explaining the topic and helping the audience to understand it, though I believe the music could have been different and quieter to avoid being distracting.

  11. Vivi says:

    The video was good and informative.

  12. Lindsay says:

    The video was very informative, and the images were strong visual representations of the information. I thought the music was too loud and overpowered the speaker at some points.

  13. Maxwell says:

    The voiceover was very clear and informative. It was well made and the visuals were varied which kept the video interesting

  14. Elizabeth says:

    You guys had a very interesting topic, good job explaining the experiment

  15. Darrell says:

    This video was very well done. The drawings were interesting and relevant to the topic. You also did a great job tying in content from class. The narration also matched properly with the visuals, so the video was easy to understand.

  16. Helly says:

    The experiment was well dissected and the conclusion and real-world impact was well presented. I think the video could’ve been even better without the music though.

  17. Manasi says:

    The music at first was a little distracting but past that the research was explained clearly. There was a good connection to the topics in class.

  18. Tarab says:

    I personally liked the music choice since I thought it made the video more interesting and added more of a theme to the video.

  19. Ashmita says:

    I like your visuals a lot and how they are still photos. It allows me to really take in the information!

  20. Sophia says:

    The script and narration of this video seemed very natural as well as overall extremely well-written. The topic was also extremely interesting! I thought the music worked very well for the beginning of the video (dramatic) but at times got to be a bit loud compared to the narration.

  21. Ashna says:

    Great job connecting the topic to the concepts we learned in class! Also loved the flow of the video.

  22. Nidhi says:

    The way that this presentation flowed made it extremely easy to understand the material.

  23. James says:

    Information was given in an effective way and visuals accompanied the voiceover well.

  24. Gracelyn says:

    Thematically, the music is a great choice. It’s just overpowering the intro of your video. Otherwise, this is engaging and related well to the topics we covered in class.

  25. Youngjoon says:

    Very informative video. However, the background music was a little distracting at times, and some of the drawings seemed a bit too simple.

  26. Mirali says:

    The music was distracting and overpowering. However, the visuals in regards to the information were a bit simplified but easy to understand.

  27. Robert says:

    The music blocked out much of the audio. Good information though!

  28. Katherine says:

    The video is very good and very explanatory, the occasional visuals on the white board helped with the audio explanation of the topic as well. The music was a little loud at some points in the video though.

  29. Kendall says:

    They did a great job making the topic interesting to the audience by bringing in facts about malaria and depicting interesting images. Overall, I think the video was successful, and the images were not only interesting, but they also enhanced the topic through use of graphs and details that were spoken.

  30. Daniel says:

    Interesting use of music, although I think it distracts a little from the overall presentation.

  31. Isabelle says:

    Overall, the flow made the video extremely easy to understand. The music was a nice touch as well.

  32. Jarred says:

    The mosquitoes you drew were great, but you missed the opportunity to add pupils.

  33. Jalen says:

    I liked how the background story of malaria and genetics led to tying-in this information back to our previous module. The music was pleasant to hear also!

  34. Mira says:

    Interesting content. The visuals went well with the narration but could have been a bit more exciting.

  35. Sreedhanya says:

    The video flowed very well and the content was easy to follow.

  36. Elizabeth says:

    The visuals were great and the information was easy to understand.

  37. Mark says:

    Well made video. The narration was a little monotone, but overall gave good information.

  38. Govinda says:

    Entertaining drawings, and good understanding of the topic. However, I’d like to see different visual elements in order to keep audiences’ attentions. Good job!

  39. Cayla Marie says:

    The drawings of the mosquitos were great, but some of the other visuals could’ve been more exciting. The script was well written, though.

  40. Lauren says:

    I had the same topic for my video project, so I was interesting to see how other groups interpreted the material. I really liked your white board drawings, and you did a very good job explaining the information and relating it back to what we learned in class.

  41. Vamsish says:

    The information is presented well, but the music is very loud and makes the information difficult to follow.

  42. Carlos says:

    Very informative!! I thoroughly enjoyed the background music and narration, the visuals were a little simple however.

  43. Andrew says:

    This video is over-dramatic! It made the content very interesting and made it fun to learn from.

  44. Isabelle says:

    The wording about the video was a little confusing but otherwise it was great!

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