Group 28: A single mutations in the prM protein of Zika virus contributes to fetal microcephaly


Belluck, P., McNeil, D. 2017, Sep. 28. The zika virus grew deadlier with a small

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Yuan, L., Huang, X., Liu, Z., Zang, F., Zhu, X., Yu, J., . . . Qin, C. 2017. A single

mutation in the prM protein of zika virus contributes to fetal microcephaly. Science, 358(6362): 1-9. doi:10.1126/science.aam7120


Cuevas, E. L., Tong, V. T., Rozo, N., Valencia, D., Pacheco, O., Gilboa, S. M., & … Gomez, R. C. 2016. Preliminary Report of Microcephaly Potentially Associated with Zika Virus Infection During Pregnancy – Colombia, January-November 2016. MMWR: Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Report, 65(49): 1409-1413. doi:10.15585/mmwr.mm6549e1

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42 Responses to Group 28: A single mutations in the prM protein of Zika virus contributes to fetal microcephaly

  1. Ellen says:

    I think how you use a whiteboard to show visuals. Data from the study is clearly presented. The sound however was extremely quiet.

  2. Camalie says:

    The video was interesting. I liked the visuals.

  3. Harrison says:

    The audio quality could have been improved, but there is no denying the visuals and the positive effect it has on the viewers. This video really helped demonstrate (at least in my opinion) the dangers of microcephaly.

  4. Lauren says:

    The audio and visuals of this video made it very interesting and the data was explained very clearly. Great video!

  5. Savannah says:

    The data presented in this video was clear and easy to understand, but it was very hard to hear what was being said. The visuals were so good though that I don’t think any meaning got lost, but still would’ve been nice to be able to hear a little more.

  6. Amanda says:

    The illustrations were great! Everything was organized and visually appealing.

  7. Ian says:

    The visuals were very good, however the audio was too quiet and I had to listen really carefully if there was any noise around me.

  8. Elizabeth says:

    I love the visuals and colors, sometimes it was a little fast paced.

  9. Ian says:

    The visuals were great but the audio was too quiet and I had to keep pausing the video if there was any noise in the room.

  10. Hanna says:

    I liked the creative format of a news report and the drawings were informative, but sometimes there were too many words on the whiteboard

  11. Ansley says:

    The vocals were clearly paced and well-related to the visuals. The visuals were awesome. Great video!

  12. Cristina says:

    I thought it was cool that you designed the video as a news report because you do frequently see Zika being discussed on the news. My favorite aspect of the video was at 3:43 when the text popped up that connected the video to three of our modules in class. This feature does a great job of showing the relevance of the study to our class and helps show viewers why this project betters our understanding of the course content.

  13. Madison says:

    The audio and the drawing were very easy to follow and were very informative. I got a bit confused on the graph, though, since the key was drawn after the graph itself, so I didn’t know which line was which when the narrator was talking about the graph. Overall, awesome video!

  14. Maxwell says:

    It would’ve perhaps been easier to concentrate on the visuals if the camera was a little less shaky. However, I know that it was probably difficult to film this while keeping the camera completely steady, and I think your information was concise and informative.

  15. Ayesha says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this video as the visuals were very easy to follow as well as the information was concise and well explained. Very well done!

  16. Claire says:

    I thought the drawings were really well done. They worked very well with the voice-over and helped in explanation, plus the vibrant colors and good quality kept my interest throughout the video. Captions could have been helpful though, because the voice-over was hard to hear at times (it was very quiet).

  17. Manasi says:

    The video was well organized, and the visuals were of high quality and really made the video great, even if the audio quality was not up to par.

  18. Joshua says:

    The audio could have been louder, but not bad overall.

  19. Lauren says:

    This was a well organized and easy to understand video. While it was generally quiet, the visuals were high quality.

  20. Confidential says:

    I had to turn my speakers way up to hear this. The information was clear and well laid out. I think the drawings were nicely done.

  21. Lisa says:

    The whiteboard drawings were well drawn and matched well with the voiceover. It made the information being explained very clear. The transition slides paired with a brief explanation of definitions or news ideas was also helpful for understanding the implications of Zika.

  22. Mirali says:

    The visuals were well presented but sometimes the camera was shaky. As well as the audio was barely audible and could have been improved.

  23. Daham says:

    Great video with good illustration. They were really helpful and easy to understand.

  24. Yanghang says:

    Good work!Writing down the concepts and terms help me to understand the content. But the voice could be louder.

  25. Marianna says:

    Really good to know a little more about Zika. The video was really concise and well explained.

  26. Robert says:

    Very interesting video, but I could barely hear the audio. I had to rely on the captions.

  27. Isabelle says:

    Loved the intro. The rest of the video followed in suit well planned out and had great visuals.

  28. Sho says:

    Interesting video and good graphics! It would have been nice if the audio was a little bit louder though.

  29. Alekhya says:

    The visuals were great but there seemed to be no sound.

  30. James says:

    I love the presentation as a newscast. Feels like something I might actually see on TV.

  31. Seenam says:

    I loved the set up of the video as the news. It was a unique way to explain the topic you guys had.

  32. Samantha says:

    Overall great video with lots of good information and visuals. Only issue I had is that I could not hear anything. Other than that, y’all did a great job! Even without sound, I was able to learn.

  33. Jalen says:

    The role-play portion as a news story at the beginning of the video was engaging! As well, the variety of colors spoke out nicely.

  34. Mira says:

    It was difficult to hear the audio, but the format was entertaining and easy to follow.

  35. Christian says:

    Easy to follow and well edited visuals. Nice job.

  36. Tyler says:

    The video does a good job of presenting all of the information necessary on Zika and the visuals make for easy transition between topics.

  37. Tyler says:

    The visuals were very good, and you did a good job with explanation. The voiceover was a bit quiet though.

  38. Mark says:

    Very quiet video, but is effective at getting its point across.

  39. Vamsish says:

    The visuals and pacing of the video were very well done, and the information was effectively presented.

  40. Christopher says:

    Love the choice to present the info as a newscast and I love the data presented to support the findings.

  41. Riley says:

    The whiteboard visuals were by far the best I have seen. They were timed well and clearly conveyed the information.

  42. Anna says:

    Data are neatly presented with clear visuals and conveyed nicely that helps understand the information

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