Group 39 (m)-Surveying the Sequence Diversity of Model Prebiotic Peptides by Mass Spectrometry

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74 Responses to Group 39 (m)-Surveying the Sequence Diversity of Model Prebiotic Peptides by Mass Spectrometry

  1. Hayden says:

    It was explained well, and so it makes sense that species with high amounts of amino acids increased in abundance.

  2. Ellen says:

    I like how you explained how the theoretical is different from the experimental results. The sound was very quiet.

  3. Oluwapamilerin says:

    Interesting video, I liked how you talked about how the experiment could be improved in the future.

  4. Emma says:

    I enjoyed how you evaluated the experiment as a whole in addition to its individual components.

  5. Sarah says:

    I really enjoyed the set up of this video. The topic was explained well.

  6. Nicole says:

    Overall great video, and I like the setup of the reading following along with the drawings.

  7. Will says:

    Good drawings, and good explanation of the ideas, although the sped-up voices were distracting.

  8. Harrison says:

    I enjoyed the sped up voices, and the video did a great job of summarizing the reading while connecting to concepts we have learned in previous modules.

  9. Matthew says:

    I enjoyed this video a lot. It seemed a bit rushed at times, but the information and visuals were great! It was easy to follow along with and had good structure and flow.

  10. Camalie says:

    I liked the video’s drawings. They kept my attention.

  11. Nylah says:

    I liked your video it was creative with the drawings and the voice overs followed along with them really well which helps to understand the information presented.

  12. Sean says:

    The drawings really helped convey the topics, good video.

  13. Madison says:

    sped up voices was kind of weird to listen to. Very well explained though

  14. Savannah says:

    I liked how well thought out all explanations were presented. The visuals helped keep my attention while the speaking explained some quality information.

  15. Amanda says:

    The visuals lined up very well with the audio and made the video entertaining and easy to understand!

  16. Ian says:

    I liked the way that you had the drawings fit in with the voice over. This kept me interested and focused on the topics in the video.

  17. Elizabeth says:

    The voice over was hard to understand but liked the visuals and it explained the concept well

  18. Anthony says:

    Probably would benefit more from normal audio, but the visual content was good

  19. Sara says:

    The video did a good job of talking about what could be done in the future. I haven’t seen that yet.

  20. Yifan says:

    The sped up voices threw me off

  21. Cristina says:

    I think changing to a different mode of communication part way through would have been helpful to keep the audience interested. The overall video is good, but it could have been enhanced by changing things up every so often to make sure you’re relaying your points in varied ways.

  22. Hannah says:

    I thought the visuals and narration were very coordinated with the visuals being simple. Great idea of using alternating colors- it helped with the flow of idea while keeping the video organized.

  23. Rahulkrishna says:

    The paper was explained very well and I liked the whiteboard visuals

  24. Madison says:

    The drawings and writing were very clear in explaining the methods and results of the experiment, but there were a few times where the visuals stayed the same behind the audio and maybe more could have been drawn/written.

  25. Arfa says:

    I liked the variety of the visuals and that the members did not keep one visual on the screen for too long. I also liked the way the information was presented in a manner that made it easy to understand.

  26. Maxwell says:

    I liked how you noted down only the key facts on the whiteboard. It made it easy to see what the key takeaways from the video were

  27. Irene says:

    The visuals are really good and it is easy ti understand the information. I also liked how there are not that many words on the whiteboard. However, the audio is a little soft and doesn’t match what the visuals are saying.

  28. Robert says:

    Interesting to see what was predicted versus what they actually found. Audio was easy to listen to as well

  29. Andrea says:

    I thought the drawings were simplified enough to where it was easy to understand the topic. Good Job!

  30. Kaitlyn says:

    The visuals were good, handwriting was a bit hard to read at times, but overall it was great. Wish there had been more of an introduction, it took me a second to figure out what you were discussing at the beginning. However, overall you guys did a great job.

  31. Samantha says:

    The video was very informative, however, the audio was a bit quiet.

  32. Ashna says:

    The video was concise and informative using simple drawings!

  33. Nidhi says:

    The detail of what could occur in the future is very interesting no one has done that yet.

  34. Joshua says:

    Great explanations throughout the video!

  35. Jordyn says:

    You all explained the topic well, and the drawings were fun to follow along with! The vocabulary used throughout the video made it easy to connect the information being explained in the video to the information we learned in class. Great job!

  36. Joselyn says:

    The video was easy to understand and the visuals were nice.

  37. Confidential says:

    Good drawing and truly broke down the information to make it understandable.

  38. Kristine says:

    Being able to read the whiteboard while I was listening to the voiceovers helped me understand the topic better as I was watching. I think you could have changed up the presentation halfway through just to catch the audience’s attention again. I did like the conclusion of the video because you talked about how this study differentiated from others and why it was important.

  39. Kelly says:

    The audio was a bit spotty at times but overall it was well-explained.

  40. Youngjoon says:

    Very informative video! It seemed, however, to be a bit plain, and there were a bit too many stutters in the narration.

  41. Lisa says:

    I liked how important components of the experiment were clearly explained and put into context at the beginning; it made the rest of the video easier to follow. Also, I liked how you kept the illustrations simple and showed the main concepts for better understanding.

  42. Mirali says:

    The information was well explained but the audio was very queit and could have been improved.

  43. Elena says:

    The video was very informational and voice over was helpful. However, I feel that drawing more pictures and diagrams would be effective in explaining the study. It was clear that you understood the study.

  44. Daham says:

    Even though the audio quality was not perfect, other factors were positive. Good job on the video!

  45. Shashwati says:

    The explanation was really easy to follow. The drawings were really well-done too.

  46. Berna says:

    The topic is very well explained, although I wish there was more diversity in the production of the video.

  47. Alyssa says:

    The illustrations match the narration and the information is delivered nicely, good job!

  48. Madison says:

    The illustrations made the video interesting, however the sped-up voices were a little distracting.

  49. Bailey says:

    The topic was explained well, and I liked that you went with the record-while-drawing technique that always keeps something going on on screen. I also liked that you mentioned problems with the experiment and how it could be improved.

  50. Jingyi says:

    The visual part is really nice The illustration neatly explain the information. However, the sound is really quiet and the explanation can be improved in the future.

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