Group 15: How the virulence of Clostridium difficile is enhanced by Dietary trehalose

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32 Responses to Group 15: How the virulence of Clostridium difficile is enhanced by Dietary trehalose

  1. Roshni says:

    I like the format of your video. It was easy to follow along with, and I believe that it helped to break down a hard concept. My only criticism is that your voice was a little slow at times.

  2. Dezarae says:

    This was very detailed, everything was to the depth needed. Great work

  3. Jazmin says:

    Strong conclusion and very easy to follow. Great job!

  4. Carol says:

    The content was easy to understand and the pictures well depicted what was said. However, there were some parts of the video when the voice was lagging

  5. Lucas says:

    The content was pretty well explained, but I don’t quite like the format and your voice is a bit monotone. That being said, you still did a great job with the video.

  6. Prachi says:

    You did a great job presenting your topic! My only concern was that it was kinda slow so it made it hard to follow through the video.

  7. Craig says:

    That man’s arm is very handsome 🙂

  8. Patrick says:

    The content went very in-depth and was easy to follow, however you talked a little slow at times.

  9. John says:

    The chosen format of the video was quite engaging visually, though there arises difficulty in performing this left-handed when the hand blocks the content at times. The drawings and narration conferred an understanding of the subject matter. The vocal presentation could have been more dynamic in order to engage the audience further.

  10. Carole says:

    Great job! Explains your concept clearly and effectively. I would increase voice volume and speed.

  11. Heyward says:

    Good video overall, though I wish the drawn graphics had been left on screen for longer. Most of the time was spent drawing them, and they were erased immediately after. Other than that the the hand blocking the drawings, very informative.

  12. Alexis says:

    The format made it easy to follow and broke down the concept pretty well, other than covering the screen a bit, it was pretty good.

  13. Benjamin says:

    My group was assigned the same article, so I came in with an understanding of the experiment. However, your video was very informative and thorough, so I learned even more about a top that I was already familiar with. My only criticism would be that the pace of the video was very slow. For some people, this speed might be off-putting and may create a barrier to learning.

  14. Gabriella says:

    I believe the pace at which you speak and draw is very good… it makes your video a lot easier to follow for a concept that has a lot of advanced vocabulary. My only critique is that sometimes the handwriting was very hard to read because it was small.

  15. Brian says:

    I think your video was very detailed and thorough in its explanations, but I believe the visuals could have been more enticing and your voice was slightly slow at times.

  16. Brian says:

    I think your video was very detailed and thorough in its explanations, but I believe the visuals could have been more enticing to more thoroughly engage the viewer. In addition, I think the pace of your voice was too slow at times, but all in all, well done!

  17. Chloe says:

    The idea behind delivering the content was good, but the execution could have been better. The information was thorough, but I am confused as to why only one member of the group spoke in this video.

  18. Zachary says:

    Video was informative, but could have been accelerated a little bit.

  19. Jason says:

    Informative. Charts and diagrams really provide good flow of information delivered

  20. Maxwell says:

    Information was provided in an easy-to-follow format and the visuals were very helpful.

  21. Duy says:

    Overall the video had effective flow and good utilization of supplementary visuals.

  22. William says:

    Super detailed but really good job at breaking down the concepts and relating it to what we learned in class!

  23. Thomas says:

    You did a good job of breaking down the concept. I really liked the conclusion that tied it all together. Handwriting was hard to read at times.

  24. Marcela says:

    Our group was also assigned this topic, but I still found your video engaging. Like others have said, the narration is a little slow and the images weren’t left on the screen long enough. Other than that, good job

  25. Sidney says:

    Different format, very interesting. you grabbed my attention easily from the start. best one so far.

  26. Stewart says:

    I liked the overall style of the presentation; it felt very personable. I think it could be improved by maintaining a steady pace when speaking. Also, at some points towards the end the visuals were erased before I had a chance to take a good look at them.

  27. Zain says:

    Sometimes less is more – You took a very practical approach to the project and it served you well. It was easy to follow and had a pretty good flow of ideas. Good work.

  28. Nicholas says:

    I like the timelapsed video of drawings, but wish the camera was more stable and the important parts were left standing in the video rather than continuing time lapse. Overall, good and information though

  29. Divjot says:

    You explain the concepts well! However, the voice was a little slow, which made it hard to follow.

  30. Triston says:

    The audio balance is nice, and there is little to no background noise. I also like the minute physics aesthetic. The only major complaint I have is the voiceover that had to struggle to conform to the video. Other than that, great video!

  31. Madison says:

    I could tell you had a very clear understanding of content through the precision and confidence in your communication. I would have liked to see contribution from other group members. Way to get it done well though!!

  32. Natalie says:

    Very clear content! Cinematography was average, but it was overall great!

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