Team 7 – E. gallinarum and Autoimmunity

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15 Responses to Team 7 – E. gallinarum and Autoimmunity

  1. Sonya says:

    It was definitely interesting to watch and kept me engaged. This video was different from all the rest of the videos and it was funny! The information itself was slightly harder to follow because of the rap format, overall the information wasn’t super simplified and presented enough detail. I liked the parts where a green screen was used!

  2. Zongru says:

    This video is by far the most interesting and unique I have seem. I love how you guys put the stuff in a rap…okay, I was laughing. Good Job.

  3. Taylor says:

    Love the execution of this video. Everything was easy to understand, and entertaining.

  4. Lucas says:

    An original idea that was well executed. Great job.

  5. Nicole says:

    This was the most interesting video I watch by far because it was a different take than everyone else’s! Good job, it was super easy to understand what you guys were talking about as well.

  6. Tseyon says:

    This was the most interesting video I have watched, it was really creative and was super easy to understand! Overall, great job!!

  7. Emily says:

    This was a very interesting video. The information was presented well and in a very engaging manner.

  8. Chloe says:

    This was amazing. Thank you. Definitely the most creative video project. Subtitles may have been helpful, but the information was still easy to understand.

  9. Robert says:

    It was a bit difficult to understand, definitely an entertaining video though.

  10. Brice says:

    This was actually awesome. Idk if the visuals were supposed to be informative, but they were certainly entertaining. Rap had the necessary info and great flow. Nice.

  11. Nicholas says:

    Creative…? Hard to follow the actual information but I respect the effort that was put in to this.

  12. Marcela says:

    Its a little hard to follow because of the fast rapping, but it was a very entertaining video and obviously a lot of time, effort and creativity was put into it. nice job

  13. Monica says:

    While the information was a little difficult to understand, thumbs up for creativity! It is definitely the most interesting video I have seen thus far!

  14. Divjot says:

    The video is funny and creative. However, it is hard to understand the actual concepts.

  15. Triston says:

    Not gonna lie, when I got this video as a random I was terrified of what it was going to be, but it turned out to actually be a really solid, informative, and incredibly fun video. Well done you all, honestly!

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