Group 7-Gut Pathogen and Autoimmune Disease

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  1. Ariel says:

    Interesting approach…unique, but it makes it a little difficult to follow information being presented. Focusing on words, the study is understood and explained, but one really has to try to follow the information being presented. Rhythm and visuals are very distracting and don’t really add to information.

  2. Harrison says:

    I had a hard time following the video with all the visuals. It became increasingly more interesting just to see what was happening next in the video and to not listen to the information. Besides that i enjoyed the creativity and would imagine putting all that together took a long time.

  3. Amy says:

    Very good idea, however the execution took away from the content. Maybe if the visuals were more relevant it would be easier to follow.

  4. Kim Anh says:

    Very creative and I appreciate it. It’s different from the work of most other groups…for obvious reasons, but as others have said it may have come at a cost of…clarity and getting the concept across to viewers.

  5. Emma says:

    Very creative, and I can tell you put in a lot of effort. However, it was a little hard to follow the information presented.

  6. Tamara says:

    I like that you guys took a different approach to the project! It took away from the informational aspect of the assignment although.

  7. Malek says:

    Loved the effort, creativity and beats. However, visuals would have been helpful. Nevertheless, more entertaining video yet.

  8. Malek says:

    Loved the effort, creativity and beats. However, visuals would have been helpful. Nevertheless, most entertaining video yet.

  9. Craig says:

    Very creative and different then a lot of the videos posted. Surprisingly informative (once I turned on the captions). But the lack of visuals connecting what you are saying to the content made the information harder to understand.

  10. Alyssa says:

    Very creative and contained good information, however the visuals themselves didn’t seem to correspond very well. Not the best way to get information across to visual learners, but it was nice to see a different approach on this assignment.

  11. Jason says:

    As a different approach to this project, the video was an excellent demonstration of creativity, but the information delivery is a bit confusing.

  12. Devan says:

    I support the vision. However, at times it seemed that everything going on took away from the actual information. I really liked the creativity of this one, but I feel there would have been more effective ways to deliver the information while preserving the rap theme.

  13. Claire says:

    Creative, and the lyrics are very informative as I can tell by the closed captions. It was difficult to follow though.

  14. Sarah says:

    Very creative approach––very different from all of the other videos, which is awesome! Though I do have to agree with the previous comments about the fact that it’s kind of hard to follow all of the information, though the subtitles are very helpful.

    It’s very cool how our bodies have long-term immune memory response and that there is a possible vaccine for patients with autoimmune disease!

  15. John says:

    The visual content was certainly intriguing and engaging, and the vocal presentation was quite unique. I quite appreciate the effort to be original and creative, but, at times, it is difficult to follow the information being presented.

  16. Connor says:

    Very Creative. Good Ideas!

  17. Jacquelyn says:

    Amazing! I love that it is not another whiteboard video! Lyrics are very informative!

  18. Maya says:

    This video was very original and still got the information across well.

  19. Sarah says:

    Very creative idea!! I enjoyed listening to this

  20. Molly says:

    this was a very creative and unique idea! but it did make it harder to absorb the information

  21. Gabriella says:

    I thought this was a very good idea… The rap itself is not difficult to follow, he speaks/raps clearly, but the video material itself took away from the rap and made it hard to focus on what was being rapped. The material discussed on its own, however was well done in my opinion.

  22. Anna Rose says:

    I really enjoyed that! Raps in general are hard to understand because of how fast they are, but from reading the closed captions I saw that all of your information was there. Nice editing, too, and clever way to incorporate graphs and such.

  23. Silverio says:

    The video was enjoyable and engaging, but just from the nature of a rap, it was hard to follow or understand all of the information that was being rapped.

  24. Thomas says:

    I love all the effort and I wasn’t bored. I know it must have been difficult to integrate a graph into a rap video so great job

  25. Ankita says:

    While this was a creative approach, I don’t personally think it was the best way to convey the information, especially considering that the project requires us to have relevant visuals. I was rather distracted by the background music and video.

  26. Sydney says:

    This is a very creative video! Hard to follow at points, but kept my interest and was fun to watch.

  27. Pragya says:

    Loved how you decided to approach the video project as a rap! Definitely unique

  28. Hao says:

    This is a unique way to attack the contents. However, instead of showing “the rappers”, show relevant animations/illustrations should be shown to make it easier to follow.

  29. Zain says:

    How did you ever convince your group members to do this? Probably ended up paying more attention to this than I did any of the other videos that I’ve watched today. Not bad at all.

  30. Nicholas says:

    This really gave me a smile. The rap was well written and informational, and while I do see what others say about the visuals being distracting, I didn’t really have a problem with it.

  31. Dalton says:

    It was very difficult to follow though it was original. There wasnt much expansion on the material in the video but it was entertaining.

  32. Gabriel says:

    Content was explained in a fun and unique format, but it was hard to catch all the info with just one watch through the video. Some of the information, being rapped, seemed not fully explained, probably due to technical explanations being long or complicated, which left some parts hard to follow.

  33. Samantha says:

    I think it’s great that you tried to make it fun but it was hard to have enough time to process the info since you were rapping fast and there was background music and that’s a lot when you are tying to learn a new scientific concept

  34. Madison says:

    I really love the intention and the uniqueness of your video, and it is evident that a lot of behind-the-scenes work and effort was put into the project. However, I do feel that it was very difficult to focus on the science-aspect/purpose of the assignment with so much else going on.

  35. Natalie says:

    Insanely impressed with your rapping skills. Great overview of the research!

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