Group 8- Is the Coelacanth a Living Fossil?

Is the Coelacanth a Living Fossil?

by Group 8: Clare Botti, Rachel Monahan, Avani Reddy, Christian Reinhardt, Paloma Zavala

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57 Responses to Group 8- Is the Coelacanth a Living Fossil?

  1. bpatel63 says:

    Good use of images and explanations.

  2. nnuthivana3 says:

    This is a very nice video. Nice drawings and explanations. I like your question of the credibility of the statement.

  3. jpelzer3 says:

    The flow of the video was a little bumpy because at one point they transition back into the idea of living fossil. The audio sometimes did not match up with definitions being written which was distracting. Otherwise, the pictures were nicely drawn and all information was covered. Additionally, maybe they could have said a quick statement about their concepts affect all animals in general.

  4. jsandmann3 says:

    I liked the images that went along with the dialog. It throughouly explained the topic that was being said. It could have flowed a little better, since some parts didn’t match up very well.

  5. preisinger3 says:

    The quality of the video is great and the pictures as visuals are aesthetically pleasing. Although the pictures on the screen didn’t always match up perfectly with the audio, the overall message was well conveyed.

  6. dyaroshevsky3 says:

    Loved the hand-drawn visual aids

  7. rmccord8 says:

    I really enjoyed the graphics!

  8. mbonus3 says:

    great visual supplement

  9. ehighfield3 says:

    I really enjoyed this video! The shots were at the perfect speed and I loved the use of drawings to get the point across. The people speaking were relaxed and knowledgeable. By the end, I fully understood the argument being made and I believe your points were solid and reasonable.

  10. kbates9 says:

    Overall excellent presentation and video. Very well done.

  11. slee913 says:

    It was good to make my thought correct about “living fossil.”

  12. ssmith369 says:

    (Nice ending). Loved the flow of the video, the drawings, and implementation of humor that doesn’t draw away from the presented information. What’s more, the video poses a good argument for the (lack of) qualification of Coelacanth as a ‘living fossil.’

  13. sglandorf3 says:

    Overall I thought it was a good video and it kept my attention, however the writing and the speaking weren’t timed well and was distracting. I had to either only read the writing or only listen. The pictures were fine and enjoyable, and the overall points were made clearly.

  14. lchen352 says:

    Cute drawings and clear voices to show the main point of the video.

  15. ntaylor37 says:

    Great video presentation that kept me interested while also informing me about the coelacanth. I liked the sped up writing thing and it wasn’t too fast, good job.

  16. sskram3 says:

    I like how you had everyone take turns talking and the use of the white board was really great! Good job relating to what he had learned about

  17. rcastro6 says:

    Good use of background information to give a well-educated introduction to the topic and video.

  18. schowdhury35 says:

    This video is very creative! I like that the definitions are written out and that the topic is explained very thoroughly.

  19. jcho300 says:

    Handwriting is big so I can see it easily.

  20. tdiaz8 says:

    With the use of the whiteboard writing, tables, and other figures, the video has very nice visual aspects to explain the topic. I like how the voices changed and the transitions were smooth. Each person explained their part very clearly and did not rush through the script.

  21. xguan9 says:

    Great visual illustration! Really like this video!

  22. khughes38 says:

    Like the style its presented in. Can learn a lot from the video and clear presents the argument.

  23. hgreenwald3 says:

    Great drawings and music! The video was both entertaining and informative!

  24. mchandler30 says:

    Very interactive and engaging use of the whiteboard with graphics and information.

  25. aakosa3 says:

    Very informative and easy to understand. The visuals were also very neat and nicely done.

  26. cloftus7 says:

    I really enjoyed this video for many reasons. It was both artistic/creative and highly informative. The drawings of Darwin and the confused student were brilliant additions to the video to make it less formal. The music and the Coelacanth drawing were also quite amusing. The phylogenic tree was also a good touch to the video. Great job!

  27. bwayland3 says:

    The whiteboard made for some very helpful visuals that were both informative and entertaining. The information presented was well-organized and presented in a clear, concise way.

  28. bmcfarland7 says:

    I thought this video was very informative and also entertaining! The group explained the concept and terminology very well, and I enjoyed all the visual aids they used along with the information.

  29. jpopp7 says:

    The commentary is fluid and the drawings are absolutely fabulous.

  30. mmcintyre7 says:

    The drawings on the whiteboard were great! Using the whiteboard sped-up was a great idea.

  31. ttsung3 says:

    The drawings were really impressive and helped me visually understand

  32. fbush3 says:

    You did an amazing job on your video! It is obvious you put a lot of time, effort, and thought into the presentation and that you really knew the facts. You did a great job relaying the information to the audience! A++

  33. smudrinich6 says:

    This video is awesome!! Loved the trendy fast-whiteboard drawing style. The whole thing was interesting and very well done!

  34. arathor3 says:

    Excellent video, the illustrations were very well designed.

  35. aheil3 says:

    I had never heard of a living fossil before this video. Proof that you learn something new every day. Also, great illustrations.

  36. kshi31 says:

    Informative and interesting display.

  37. cwade32 says:

    Speech was well enunciated well and easy to understand.

  38. rgolding3 says:

    I loved the style and the way the information was presented. It might have been better if there were more images of what you were talking about though.

  39. tconnors3 says:

    Easy to understand, creative, entertaining, and even a little humorous. Easily the best video I’ve reviewed.

  40. lhuddleston3 says:

    The evidence was well presented with good visual diagrams. It was good to include facts about possible modern day relatives as well as the definition of a living fossil.

  41. rpuvvada3 says:

    That was so well-researched and cute! Good job!!

  42. jjs3 says:

    Well enunciated, great information in your presentation, clear and concise video, all around a great job!

  43. npittman6 says:

    seriously – WELL DONE!!!

  44. hjo35 says:

    Catchy opening and well-organized steps.

  45. spatel400 says:

    Great video that was very well done. The hand drawn visuals were very helpful and the audio was clear and concise. There was a lot of good info.

  46. cfares3 says:

    Simple but informative video. Good job!

  47. shoover30 says:

    i like the drawing of Charles Darwin unique to any other video.

  48. marija3 says:

    Informative video, with helpful visuals and I like that common misconceptions about “living fossils” were addressed! Good, quick and clear summary

  49. bposadas3 says:

    A very fun video. The music was a nice touch, and the drawings are well done and comprehensive.

  50. eferrando3 says:

    The music that was included did a good job of catching the viewer’s attention. Also, the addressing of what a living fossil really is is very useful. The information is also presented well with the drawings and words written on the screen.

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