Group 14 Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs impact on Symbiosis and Extinction

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42 Responses to Group 14 Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs impact on Symbiosis and Extinction

  1. hjo35 says:

    I thought no outside video is allowed..? (though I liked it)
    narration sounds like only just reading the text. .
    I liked the ancient Egyptian drawings !

  2. shoover30 says:

    I love the Lion King! I love the Introduction it really caught my attention for your video. The still picture throughout the video were very nice.The lions with its cubs was cute. I really enjoyed your video a lot.

  3. mmosgrove6 says:

    Good work including Lion King, overall good video!

  4. achoo3 says:

    Great visuals and explanations! The production was perfect! Could have been better by having various pictures during the explanation, but overall great quality work!

  5. preisinger3 says:

    The visuals were extremely well done and improved the presentation greatly. While the narration wasn’t exactly perfectly done, the information in the video was well conveyed.

  6. bharris60 says:

    Great video! I really liked the Lion King theme.

  7. rmccord8 says:

    I liked the Lion King footage at the beginning and thought the video was informative.

  8. cwade32 says:

    The visuals were clever and cute. However, the voice over was difficult to understand and it sounded more like mumbling at times.

  9. dolaiya3 says:

    This video was informative, but hard to understand. It was as though the information was not chronological. It is engaging, but a challenge to fully grasp the topic.

  10. smitra36 says:

    Interesting topic, the mic quality was a little weird and I think it cut out at one point so I missed out on some stuff.

  11. klarson30 says:

    This video was very informative; however, more visuals would have helped make it more interesting and keep viewers engaged.

  12. jtrottier3 says:

    Love the Lion King footage. Some sections of the video spent too long on the same visual, which can make it harder to follow the speaker and take in what she was saying. Overall, it was an informative and well done video. Good job!

  13. jcho300 says:

    the explanation is really understandable

  14. arussell32 says:

    I loved the various ways you presented the information- very creative! I heard enough interesting information that I would actually want to know more about this topic, so well done.

  15. lbarre3 says:

    Loved the lion king intro and the rest of the video was very informative

  16. bhuggins3 says:

    Lion King opening was an awesome hook! Good Job.

  17. tconnors3 says:

    Very informative, but the on-screen visuals need to be diverse to capture our attention

  18. stailor3 says:

    The Lion King was a nice touch. Overall the video was informative and explained the topic well.

  19. smihm3 says:

    Pretty good video, the beginning was a creative way to start the video. Packed full of information however the images were few and sometimes didn’t quite fit. Overall a pretty good video!

  20. tho9 says:

    The video kept my attention. The topic was really interesting and good use of mentioning what we learned in class (i.e. biological arm race) in the video!

  21. zgunnz3 says:

    Good introduction but unclear and hard to understand at some points during the video.

  22. doakland3 says:

    The Lion King is the best! Well done

  23. Shane Clawges says:

    The information was well delivered, but the visuals were slightly lacking. Overall the presentation was well done.

  24. smargan3 says:

    I really liked how you guys used the Lion King in the opening as a hook. It had me looking forward to the rest of the video. You guys provided ample information. One suggestion would be that you guys could add more visuals.

  25. jhill67 says:

    The Lion King was great but could have used more visuals.

  26. rgolding3 says:

    The video had a lot of good information, however, the delivery could be improved by adding more pictures and speaking more slowly. The narrators tended to speed up and were difficult to understand.

  27. xguan9 says:

    Love the lions in the video.

  28. sward40 says:

    The included video clips (Lion King and the footage of the lions) were interesting and helped to keep my attention. Good inclusion of images, and visuals overall.

  29. tmcphail3 says:

    I loved the Lion King! Lots of information, but there could have been more visuals to help convey the information

  30. skim817 says:

    Haha The Lion King
    Nice!! you got me an attention!
    Well explained!

  31. jkim3086 says:

    Good working!

  32. nnuthivana3 says:

    I really liked how you guys decided to engage the audience through the video clips; however, the video could’ve been slightly more professional in the beginning.

  33. mmiller315 says:

    Good video, great content

  34. amorris45 says:

    Good use of different pictures and methods of presentation, it was just a little hard to follow.

  35. ryoung70 says:

    Pretty good job! The Lion King theme was interesting and creative! This video kept me focused and engaged throughout its entirety so it was easy to understand what you were saying. Great work!

  36. jtruax3 says:

    This was hard to follow; I am still kind of confused on how the hieroglyphics related to symbiosis and extinction.

  37. sreginauld3 says:

    Some of the information was a little difficult to understand due to presentation of the information not being very direct. However, the examples used to convey the information was very good.

  38. cloftus7 says:

    Well I really like the images and supplemental techniques that were used in this video. It was a bit hard to understand at times though I had to go back and rewatch certain portions of the video. Overall, though, it was a decent video. Good job!

  39. jpewitt3 says:

    The narration could have been a bit better, but the images were entertaining.

  40. icaballero3 says:

    Very nice pictures, although they could be more helpful in aiding the information presented verbally.

  41. apatel404 says:

    it was a good theme but wasnt done too well. The audio is off and the narrators seem very bored. I learned something, but wasnt engaged thoughout. it was an okay video.

  42. apatel404 says:

    it was a good theme but wasnt done too well. The audio is off and the narrators seem very bored. I learned something, but wasnt engaged thoughout. it was an okay video! i liked it.

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