Herpes Virus Origins by Group 13

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66 Responses to Herpes Virus Origins by Group 13

  1. creinhardt6 says:

    The way that the information was presented (whiteboard, narration, visual elements, etc.) made this topic easy to understand. The content was great, but the video could have been done a little better. Overall though, great job!

  2. rmonahan3 says:

    I really liked the visuals and flow charts! It helped to make the information easy to understand.

  3. areddy35 says:

    The video looks great! Interesting topic.

  4. cfares3 says:

    The statement at the begining of the video, “you already have herpes.” was a great way to get the viewer very interested in the video. Good job!

  5. shoover30 says:

    I struggled with this concept during class this really helped thanks group 13.

  6. marija3 says:

    The video speeds through and I had to pause a couple of times to look at the visuals and “catch up” with what is being said. Otherwise, the diagrams, in particular the phylogentic tree, are helpful in understanding the key points of the video. Good job !

  7. mdt7 says:

    The narrator speaks quite fast. The content is great. It is scary to know that 2/3 population have a chance to get Herpes!

  8. cgomez37 says:

    The video is shaky but the diagrams are really good and helpful for understanding the information

  9. ybelhseine3 says:

    The content was nice and the visuals help with understanding the content.

  10. sswitzer3 says:

    The information was really clearly presented and I liked the tree that was drawn on the board

  11. zgunnz3 says:

    The information, key points, and visuals were all there. The speaking was a little bit too fast and it was a little hard to follow.

  12. sreginauld3 says:

    The information was presented too quickly for me which made it kind of hard to follow and understand. The information did seem very informative.

  13. imarkale3 says:

    The video was funny, creative, and informative. Great Job! It is a little bit too fast though.

  14. mzanghi3 says:

    To the point. Almost scary introduction.

  15. nchhatriwala3 says:

    Interesting, narration was somewhat quick, yet it was very entertaining. Overall very nicely done. Drawings helped solidify the point.

  16. asellers9 says:

    Interesting information, and good video! I liked all the monkey pictures.

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