Group 4 – Nickel, life and the end-Permian extinction

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67 Responses to Group 4 – Nickel, life and the end-Permian extinction

  1. areddy35 says:

    Nice use of flow charts in the video. Conveyed the information thoroughly.

  2. cfares3 says:

    The audio was distracting but the video was set up well. Overall good job

  3. shoover30 says:

    The elevator music in the background was very relaxing while listen to the educational information.that was a creative add-on.

  4. jno9 says:

    Nice video and explanation. But, I could not read the writing on the whiteboard well.

  5. bposadas3 says:

    Well presented, lecture type video. The music during the teaching was unnecessary though.

  6. eferrando3 says:

    The information was introduced in a good way, and the arrows and chronological way that the information was presented worked well.

  7. skim817 says:

    Nice video !
    Well explained throughout the whole video
    I felt like I was in the lecture! Great job!

  8. jkim3086 says:

    Nice drawings to make me helping to easy to understand! Interesting way to present information!

  9. cgomez37 says:

    The quality isn’t great because of the reading but the information itself is good

  10. ybelhseine3 says:

    Music was a little loud and make sure next time you play the video through to ensure that all of your content is there.

  11. imarkale3 says:

    The visuals definitely helped to organize the information. The background music wasn’t fitting but everything else was great!

  12. slee913 says:

    I think the music in this video was good. They also explained well about their topic. It would be better if there were more visual materials

  13. mzanghi3 says:

    Personally like the elevator music. Info is presented well, but a lot of ‘ums’ throughout make it a little choppy.

  14. asellers9 says:

    Well done, the writing on the board made the information easy to follow! The background music was also nice.

  15. jpetersen9 says:

    The music used was a little loud, but the flow charts made the information easy to follow and understand. Good job!

  16. Gene36As says:

    The music was too loud and at times the words were hard to see. Other than that the information was presented well

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