Group 3: GMOs and Superweeds

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65 Responses to Group 3: GMOs and Superweeds

  1. creinhardt6 says:

    A bit monotonous and repetitive in the way that information was presented, but overall a good video.

  2. areddy35 says:

    The video contained a lot of information to comprehend in such a short time frame, but was interesting all the same.

  3. cfares3 says:

    The video was very informative and transitioned very well from segment to segment. Good job!

  4. shoover30 says:

    I like the power point visual effect for the theme of your video but the talking was very fast but it was good still.

  5. mdt7 says:

    The beginning of this video, the narrator speak too fast. The slides are clear and easy to follow.

  6. jno9 says:

    The power point slides really helped me understand about GMOs and super weeds. But, the narrator speaks too fast to follow.

  7. bposadas3 says:

    The slides have good information, however the sped-up audio is very difficult to understand.

  8. bposadas3 says:

    The slides provide good, comprehensive information; however the sped-up audio is difficult to understand.

  9. skim817 says:

    Audio is really fast and hard to understande but slides helped to understand.
    Overall, it is informative and helpful.

  10. jkim3086 says:

    Good topic to study! Well made PowerPoint provided good visual understanding!

  11. cgomez37 says:

    The slides were good but the talking was way too fast

  12. ybelhseine3 says:

    Perhaps you could slow the audio down a little bit. I know it hard to get all of the info you want in a video of such short length, but that is part of the challenge. Be more precise I guess. But, yes, the video was good with understandable information.

  13. amomin8 says:

    It was very clear that you guys sped up the audio. Despite that, it was very informative video-cast and you guys backed up everything you said with a great amount of scientific data. I also liked how the superweeds were personified.

  14. imarkale3 says:

    The video is a little fast and lacking in creativity, but the facts and information chosen contributed to the awareness of GMOs and superweeds.

  15. asellers9 says:

    This was a very informative video! The only thing is that the speakers seem to talk really fast and it can be hard to understand.

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