Team 9 – Is it accurate to think of coelacanths as “living fossils?”

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57 Responses to Team 9 – Is it accurate to think of coelacanths as “living fossils?”

  1. sward40 says:

    Nice job! The mixture of visuals used made for a good assortment that kept things interesting (ex. images, explanations on the board, drawings). The voice over was done in a way that could be followed and understood. Conveyed the fossil content with everyday language that successfully communicated your topic.

  2. skim817 says:

    Amazing job on the video it was helpful and well organized.

  3. jkim3086 says:

    Debating was interesting! It made me keep focusing on the concept in the video!

  4. cgomez37 says:

    Nice music and white board drawing. I like the one of Darwin

  5. amomin8 says:

    It provided good information on the coelacanths that I did not know about before. The opening was very calming. It provided both pro and con arguments. I liked how it was kind of like an debate and then the correct viewpoint with the most supporting arguments in a sense “won.”

  6. sreginauld3 says:

    The information was provided in a direct manner making it very easy to follow. However, more information could have been implemented to make the narration more detailed and specific.

  7. imarkale3 says:

    The presentation and visuals really helped catch the viewer’s interest. Also the arguments from opposing sides showed the controversy and debate about the topic.

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