Group 26: Coral and Fish can “smell” Bad Reefs

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54 Responses to Group 26: Coral and Fish can “smell” Bad Reefs

  1. apatel404 says:

    I love the little mermaid so i liked it. The story was alright. You did learn alot from the visuals, but they were too quick for the most part. Good nonetheless!

  2. mzanghi3 says:

    Good connection between story and case study.

  3. icaballero3 says:

    Very creative story! Loved the use of the song “Under the Sea”. Visuals were clear and easy to follow.

  4. jpetersen9 says:

    This was a very creative way to teach your topic! The visuals went by a little fast for me to read all the way through, but otherwise a very well done video

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