Group 22 – Plankton in the Arabian Sea

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68 Responses to Group 22 – Plankton in the Arabian Sea

  1. rkadambi3 says:

    While the “story telling” was somewhat unprofessional it made the video very engaging and helped me pay attention to and remember the content.

  2. bkatz30 says:

    I liked the story and voices, they really grabbed my attention. However, parts of the video were somewhat static on screen with only narration, which I didn’t like. Overall though, the video was well-done and informative.

  3. tmcphail3 says:

    I loved the storyline! It helped present the information in an entertaining way! Great job!

  4. asellers9 says:

    The way you presented the video through the story telling was really cute and made the video easy to follow and entertaining!

  5. chaynie6 says:

    Much more creative than the previous videos I have seen.

  6. btrugman3 says:

    I like the story. Very informative!

  7. hbrar6 says:

    The visuals and creativity in this video were amazing! Shows a lot of effort went into this video. Good work 🙂

  8. jtruax3 says:

    It was a decent video; informational but not very entertaining.

  9. sstewart39 says:

    Although the story was a fun way to present the information, but it seemed a little childish. The information was thorough and easy to follow, however.

  10. sreginauld3 says:

    The presentation of the information in a story format made the information very easy to understand and follow.

  11. cloftus7 says:

    I really loved the story-telling method your group employed for this presentation. It was really easy to understand and I did not have to slow down the video to understand it better like some other videos. Overall, your group did a great job.

  12. ralt3 says:

    Liked the green screen effect.

  13. fbush3 says:

    Creative way to present the information! I love that you made this a story. The voices were hilarious!! Great job.

  14. icaballero3 says:

    The use of storytelling made the video very easy to follow. The information was displayed very well and the visuals were appropriate.

  15. mzanghi3 says:

    Only way it could have been better is if you put Plankton from Spongebob in there. Voices were great hah.

  16. kdhalla3 says:

    Cool way of presenting the information. It was entertaining and kept me engaged

  17. Gene36As says:

    very creative way to deliver the content!

  18. Gene29Pa says:

    The audio and overall video were great! Awesome job!

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