Reef Destruction and Restoration Group 24

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44 Responses to Reef Destruction and Restoration Group 24

  1. mbonus3 says:

    great supplemental visuals and explanations

  2. twommack3 says:

    The drawings were really good! Great job!

  3. hjo35 says:

    These artists~ liked your drawing, fairly slow talking and pictures!
    Good explanation on how over-fishing affects on population of coral.

  4. cfares3 says:

    Clear Drawings and great video

  5. shoover30 says:

    The pictures involving the researchers really made the video more personal to understanding the idea behind the coral reef and the chemical relation to the digestion by fish. It helped the viewer see Hays and Dixon as real people who did real word to deeply understand this issue. They did not just state the idea that made the issue personal to the view by explaining the important of fishing and coral reefs. I like this video a lot.

  6. mmosgrove6 says:

    Great video, especially visuals. Interesting topic that was well communicated, and clearly well understood.

  7. ehighfield3 says:

    The answer was stated simply and well-displayed! I liked the supplemental drawings and pictures; they provided more information and clarity for the answer.

  8. achoo3 says:

    Explanation and visuals went extremely well together.

  9. sdonaghy3 says:

    Your video was both educational and interesting. Good job!

  10. nwatson9 says:

    Drawings were awesome. Narrators did an excellent job of delivering the information at a controlled pace with an enthusiastic tone. Great work!

  11. schowdhury35 says:

    the art work is interesting. Also, the pictures of the marine life is nice. The examples are explained very well. Overall, very helpful.

  12. marija3 says:

    The video explains the importance of coral reefs, the process by which overfishing denatures corals and why it is difficult to restore reefs all very clearly, tying all the ideas into one and summarizing all the key points very simply and concisely! It was both informative and interesting, relating back to concepts we learnt in class, like mutualism.

  13. mdt7 says:

    Good video. I would prefer it more if you write down the questions and answers part. Good choice of graphic.

  14. mganues3 says:

    I enjoyed the pictures and charts provided and it was interesting to hear some suggestions on what we can do to try and reverse the affects that overfishing causes in our reef systems.

  15. klarson30 says:

    The information was explained really well and at a good pace. The visuals made the information easy to understand and made the video interesting.

  16. jknipe3 says:

    I enjoyed the drawings and supplemental pictures. Also, you spoke clearly unlike many groups

  17. arussell32 says:

    I enjoyed the use of the white board and drawings mixed with photographs for diverse visuals. The speakers were clear and easy to understand, and I think you addressed the topic well and gave sufficient information.

  18. ghadam3 says:

    Interesting topic and easy to follow video! Good job!

  19. sskram3 says:

    I really liked the drawings and they helped me understand what you were talking about!

  20. gbacardi3 says:

    Awesome video

  21. mbarroso3 says:

    The drawings really helped explain the concept and the experiment undertaken. The speaker also spoke at a good pace, which made the video easy to understand. Overall, great video!

  22. kabdella3 says:

    The video was very informative and had really great visuals.

  23. bposadas3 says:

    Clear audio and fun drawings make this video easy to learn from.

  24. ttsung3 says:

    The visuals helped me to understand overfishing in a more entertaining way than just a lecture format.

  25. jjallorina3 says:

    Very informative, great video.

  26. dherszenhaut3 says:

    The combination of pictures and writing helped to explain the topic of dying reefs. I enjoyed learning about the experiment involving “good” and “bad” smelling reefs.

  27. aheil3 says:

    Great drawings to go along with the explanations. Very well done video.

  28. Shane Clawges says:

    The drawings were excellent and helped to supplement the presentation.

  29. gwang76 says:

    The white board writing makes the video very clear and easy to follow

  30. bmcfarland7 says:

    The drawings were very easy to follow, and the material was explained very well!

  31. jsandmann3 says:

    The speed was perfect, both with the speaking and writing / drawing. Information was clearly explained and easy to listen to.

  32. sglandorf3 says:

    Good visuals and information, but a graph or some form of visual data would’ve been nice

  33. lbuchanan3 says:

    I liked the section where you talked about the experiment. I found that interesting.

  34. tmcphail3 says:

    Good picture choices and I like the flow chart- good for studying!

  35. achen87 says:

    Useful information is presented. More enthusiasm could have been invested into the voice overs.

  36. btrugman3 says:

    Like the flow chart and the way that the information was presented!

  37. sreginauld3 says:

    The information was presented in a coherent manner that made it both easy to follow and understandable.

  38. ccaldwell31 says:

    Video does a good job simplifying but also going into detail. Illustrations are simple yet effective.

  39. lsmith302 says:

    Information was clear and well presented, and the pictures and drawings worked well!

  40. cloftus7 says:

    I really liked how the information was presented and loved the supplemental pictures and drawings used. These techniques really helped for understanding the concept and overall message of the video.

  41. slee913 says:

    I like the pictures that they use for explanation!

    Also, their explanation related to their topic is very good.

    The material in the video is related to what we learned in class, so it helps me to understand the video’ material

  42. xguan9 says:

    Perfect pace for me to follow the information while being comprehensive

  43. bmunz3 says:

    Nice job! All the information seemed to be there and the visuals really enhanced the experience.

  44. fbush3 says:

    Great presentation of the information. I can tell you did your research!!

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