Group 38: Bacteria that use far-red light for photosynthesis

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36 Responses to Group 38: Bacteria that use far-red light for photosynthesis

  1. estubbs6 says:

    Well-done and informative.

  2. esims7 says:

    Wow! It is clear that you guys put a lot of time into this video. The illustrations are awesome, and the information is presented well. I like your Phycobilisome!

  3. drusso8 says:

    Nice overview, although I’m unsure what exactly “far red light” is; that should have probably been explained in the video, too.

  4. cbattle6 says:

    The diagrams are very helpful!

  5. ahendrix9 says:

    Lot’s of good information and great illustrations. Sometimes information is cut off due to the camera angle.

  6. lhuddleston3 says:

    Well filmed video, but the talking is a bit fast to encourage a full understanding of the topic being considered. A video a bit less in depth with slower talking may have been perfered.

  7. mbunker6 says:

    Quality drawings and very informative.

  8. hgreenwald3 says:

    Very engaging video and interesting topic

  9. jpewitt3 says:

    The video does a good job teaching in combination with the material we’ve been learning in class.

  10. cfares3 says:

    Good diagrams. Flow was easy to follow. Good job!

  11. jlee963 says:

    Love the visuals on the whiteboard. Very engaging video.

  12. mmosgrove6 says:

    Great video, excellent use of visuals, specifically drawings of various organisms.

  13. sskram3 says:

    Quality diagrams and very informative! You did a great job of making connections to what we are learning

  14. gsanders31 says:

    Your illustrations made it really easy to understand what you were saying which helped me learn a lot.

  15. ralt3 says:

    Neat handwriting and well drawn

  16. jknipe3 says:

    I really like how you used a lot of the diagrams used in module 3 such as the bacteria cell and the light energy reaction.

  17. skim817 says:

    Very well organized and I love that you guys used the whited board for the visual. Well done!

  18. jpelzer3 says:

    I liked how you all drew the pictures ahead of the time so that it was easier to point out things. The video was very creative but lacked some creativity.

  19. jjohnson396 says:

    Great visuals. loved the vid!!

  20. mzanghi3 says:

    I like the drawings. Provides somewhat live action narration.

  21. bpatel63 says:

    Great diagrams. However, I would slow down just a little bit. I had to rewind every now and then. Otherwise, great job!

  22. nkapadia3 says:

    The drawings and your discussion on the drawings allowed me to really visualize all the processes. Great job!

  23. nlee64 says:

    Good diagrams. It helped me visualize the actual information. It was a bit fast but that’s okay because it’s a video. Pausing to think about the information helped me learn more.

  24. shoque6 says:

    Thought it was very informative and had nice visuals they drew.

  25. hbennett7 says:

    I probably should’ve watched this before the test. Very informative

  26. ajds3 says:

    Nicely organized, and I understood everything you said, showing the information was clear. Nice job!

  27. sreginauld3 says:

    The usage of the marker to help guide the flow of information correlated to the narrative, helped made it easy to understand the information.

  28. smargan3 says:

    Your video was great but it was a little fast which made it slightly harder to understand. You guys did a great job with your drawings as it helped me in visualization.

  29. jdoolittle3 says:

    Very informative, and I love the pictures!

  30. klarson30 says:

    Awesome video! Love the drawings. All of the information was really good and the video was extremely clear.

  31. swyfl3 says:

    Very informative and nice way to draw and connect the information as you went along. Great diagrams!

  32. mpzd3 says:

    Great job! I haven’t seen many other groups pose questions for the audience to think about at the end, so I loved how you guys did that. Great drawings and narration.

  33. lfeher3 says:

    Good diagrams and full of information.

  34. dherszenhaut3 says:

    The diagrams were well drawn and helped the viewer follow along with the information presented. The narration was also very clear.

  35. akell3 says:

    liked the presentation and information. easy to follow and understand

  36. Gene36As says:

    I think some of the information could have been condensed so that it was easier to internalize and understand. Other than that a lot of great effort was put in this video!

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