Group 33: “Solar-powered” sea slugs

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57 Responses to Group 33: “Solar-powered” sea slugs

  1. Shane Clawges says:

    Great use of visuals and animation.

  2. asellers9 says:

    The visuals in the video are really cool and the video was very well made! Great job!

  3. kshi31 says:


  4. jtruax3 says:

    I really liked the format of the presentation. It helped me visualize the content of the presentation.

  5. jpetersen9 says:

    This video was extremely professionally put together. Great job guys!

  6. Gene36As says:

    the use of animation and transitions were good

  7. Gene29Pa says:

    The graphics and animations were good! It was also informative. Good job!

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