Reprogramming Human DNA (Group 5)

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13 Responses to Reprogramming Human DNA (Group 5)

  1. MJIANG45 says:

    fancy video with inspiring concepts!

  2. TWIDING3 says:

    I liked your analogy of baking cookies relates to gene expression

  3. EANDERSON68 says:

    I really like the graphics used to portray your information. Your video is very informative but in a fun cartoon way.

  4. BZHANG343 says:

    Very educative and inspiring. I like how you broke down each topic using analogies and examples. The oral presentation is clear and organized.

  5. AGRIMES8 says:

    I really enjoyed the presentation of concepts in this video. I also felt that the choice of imagery helped to facilitate an understanding of the subject matter. If I could suggest a piece of constructive criticism, I would say that the philosophy tangent in the beginning was superfluous with regards to the remaining video content. Other than that (and it really didn’t bother me) I really enjoyed it. Good work!

  6. dkssud says:

    I like how you organized and separated all parts of information about the topic, ” reprogramming human DNA”, by each group member. In addition, I think that you covered well the topic in depth in a 4 minutes video.

  7. MWILLIAMS329 says:

    Very informative and I liked the cartoons!

  8. JFEARS32 says:

    Great job. The format was well done. You guys were able to make your topic interesting and creative.

  9. SFAREED7 says:

    This video was really good! I really liked all of the analogies, they helped simplify a complex topic. The information was presented clearly and concisely, and it was easy to follow what you were talking about throughout the video. To improve, you may want to include some background music, just to add some flavor to the video. Overall though, you guys did a good job!

  10. VPRADEEP3 says:

    I think this team did a good job with the visuals and the concepts were articulated clearly. Their content is appropriate for a viewer with an introductory biology knowledge. Their transitions worked well for them.

  11. SKAHF3 says:

    I really liked the format of the video. Everything was explained very clearly, and visually the video was appealing and easy to follow. Audio balance was good, although some sort of background music would have been nice to complement the bare audio of voice, and also to keep the video moving a little bit. The best part was probably how well the research portion was explained, although I feel a little bit more background would be useful for a topic such as this one.

  12. CPISCIOTTA6 says:

    The video did a good job explaining the basics of their topic. The video began with a brief introduction of where humans and DNA come from. It made it easy for the lesson to more complicated issues, like reprogramming DNA. Also, the analogy of gene expression to baking cookies was very creative and helped me understand the topics of the video.

  13. MOGUNSUSI3 says:

    The video was great, the way you guys used “real-world” examples to try and relate the scientific concepts was very useful. I really enjoyed the animations and illustrations. You guys spoke clearly and were very understandable. Awesome job

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