Summer 2015 Projects: Why the Y Chromosome Matters? (Group 7)

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7 Responses to Summer 2015 Projects: Why the Y Chromosome Matters? (Group 7)

  1. JPROCK3 says:

    This was funny. I thought it was very educational. Some of the audio was a little quiet but other than that it was really good!

  2. YLIEW3 says:

    Information was presented well. Entertaining and engaging.

  3. MWILLIAMS329 says:

    Loved the news theme of your video, and it was very informative.

  4. SFAREED7 says:

    I really liked the style of this video (acting instead of lecturing). The question and answer format simplified the topic, and really helped me understand it. The whole video flowed from one concept to another. I also liked how you related the topic to something we had discussed in class (Mexican Cave Fish). This helped me connect your topic to something that I already knew about. To improve, I would suggest adding music into your video, just to make it a little more lively. Overall though, you guys did a really good job with this project!

  5. SKAHF3 says:

    There were very clear explanations of each portion of the video – background and the research article. The visuals of the video were likely the weakest part, as was the format as a whole, because it was fairly bland and the audio wasn’t easy to hear and follow since most of it was simply words being spoken by two people. There were good references to the research article, but it was sort of jumpy between visuals and discussion of the article. The strongest portion was probably the interpretation of the article itself, and what the Y chromosome being removed to some extent meant in terms of the microbiology standpoint.

  6. ELIN37 says:

    The information flowed coherently and the conversation helped to clarify certain points. The speaking was clear.

  7. CPISCIOTTA6 says:

    This video began with an interesting idea of treating it as a talk show. The video starts out by immediately discussing the topic of Y chromosomes. I think the group did a good job by beginning the video with a background of how the X and Y chromosomes had originated on the autosomal. The video presentation did a good job introducing this difficult topic and the phylogenetic tree that shows how some genes have relocated over time. The only improvement I would make to the video would be to spend more time talking about the relocation of the genes from the Y chromosome. I think using more images and more direct examples could help get the information across better. Overall good job though.

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