Summer 2015 Projects:Do Cheaters Always Win? (Group 3)

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12 Responses to Summer 2015 Projects:Do Cheaters Always Win? (Group 3)

  1. MJIANG45 says:

    really like the way to explain cheater in the beginning

  2. CKELLUM3 says:

    Very cute music! The intro was fantastic because it really illustrated the topic and brought the experiment into a real world example of cheating. The prisoners dilemma was also a very good connection made. The charts made did a very good job illustrating the concepts and relating them back to the class. Would liked to have seen more supporting evidence, but overall great video with a professional look and style.

  3. EANDERSON68 says:

    I like how your video told a story. The cartoons make it cute while also portraying all the information needed.

  4. AGRIMES8 says:

    I really enjoyed the content for this video. A suggestion or two might be that some of the pictures lingered a bit beyond the point of keeping my interest. Also, the speed of the presentation (other than in those lingering sections) is a bit too fast to be able to comprehend on the first or second viewing. It may be wise, in the future, to trim the content down to an appropriate level for the given time interval, rather than attempting to fill the whole video with a bit too much information.

  5. ANATHANI6 says:

    Good job guys! I really liked the story at the beginning! It helped tie everything together!

  6. SWILSON74 says:

    Fine narration. It was nice that you likened what happened with the amoeba with a concept many are familiar with. Aiding in the ease of information uptake is always worthy of praise.

  7. CWOODALL6 says:

    I loved the video, but poor John. It was very informative and kept my attention the whole time

  8. dkssud says:

    I like how you used visuals to explain the concepts about the topic and the back ground music, which helped keeping my attention to the video.

  9. TEVINGER3 says:

    I liked how you were willing to take a risk by doing the video on a topic that we had not yet covered in class. I liked how the speaker was able to go into every single detail about the article in order to better elaborate the information. I also liked the usage of game theory, because it synthesizes information from multiple fields (math, science, and philosophy) in a way that amplifies the quality of the presentation. However, I think the video would have been a little better if there was more than one speaker, and if the speaker spoke a little slower to make the information a little more comprehensible.

  10. JFEARS32 says:

    I enjoyed the format, the cartoons make it interesting to watch. The recording level was a little scratch though and it would have improved the video if a microphone had been used.

  11. AVEITH3 says:

    The medium in which you presented the cheaters topic was perfect. I was both simple and very entertaining while conveying a clear story and analysis of whether cheaters do in fact always win. I enjoyed it a lot!

  12. DBLACK44 says:

    I enjoyed this video. The graphics were relevant, entertaining, and moved seamlessly from one animation to the next. The speech was a little fast, but overall this presentation was very good.

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