[Summer 2015 Projects]-DNA Reprogramming (Group 2)


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11 Responses to [Summer 2015 Projects]-DNA Reprogramming (Group 2)

  1. CKELLUM3 says:

    Repetition of the description of methylation using a power point type medium combined with the description of methylation in the play of a woman going to a GP helped reinforce the concepts presented. It was a little hard to hear and some of the graphs were blurry, but the rat study at the end was very helpful in understanding why this topic is important.

  2. JPROCK3 says:

    This was good. I thought some parts were a little hard to hear and the overall video was a little long.

  3. JBAIK7 says:

    I thought that the video was put together well. It had pretty good flow that wasn’t too hard to understand; however, I felt that the group tended to ignore some parts of the video that could have been improved. I also felt that they could have created more interesting by not just following their script to still pictures. I did love their little skit. Really stood out to me as it was humorous but also on topic.

  4. SWILSON74 says:

    The video ran a little long, but I can’t say it was’t justified since you all performed a skit. Aside from having some difficulty hearing the speaker at times, it was very informative. More pictures like the mice at the end could help drive home the consequences of methylation even more.

  5. CWOODALL6 says:

    At some points it was a little hard to hear, but I was able to follow and thought that the storyline was pretty creative.

  6. GNACEY3 says:

    The video was a little long, The story seems a little out of place. Very detailed explanation of diagrams that helped explain the topic.

  7. JFEARS32 says:

    Good job guys. Some of the recording levels were poor, so it was hard to hear some of the dialog. Good use of creativity in the middle to bring some humor to what could possible be a dry topic.

  8. DBLACK44 says:

    This video was very informative. Some drawbacks, however, are the background noise during some of the information presentation and the occastional blurriness of some displayed images.. Overall, well done.

  9. CSHIRLEY6 says:

    The voiceover could have been edited. I was able to hear a lot of background noises. Because of this, it seemed a lot less professional. I like the fact that you had a little entertaining scene, but it was very hard to hear and understand what you were saying.

  10. ELIN37 says:

    The intro was good. The speaking was mostly clear. When explaining gene regulation, there was background chatter that was slightly distracting. The camera blur from the movement was also slightly distracting. There was some stuttering and breaks in speech. The character Olivia was a bit distracting at times. Some pictures were low quality.

  11. YASIF3 says:

    The information presented in this video was very clear, and overall the video-clips presented were not only entertaining, but helped explain methylation and epigenomes to people who do not have previous biological experience. The background noise in this video, however, was distracting. However, despite the distractions, the information about DNA Programming in this video made sense and had enough support from other articles and data.

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