Summer 2015 Projects (Group 10) – Abiotic organic compound formation

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19 Responses to Summer 2015 Projects (Group 10) – Abiotic organic compound formation

  1. CWALDEN6 says:

    Creative and engaging!

  2. MJIANG45 says:

    Interesting video! I really love it especially the background music!

  3. OPOOL3 says:

    The subject matter was very well explained and the speaker had a very clear voice. I enjoyed that the major points were written on the screen because it helped me better understand the material. I also liked that you added some humor with the cartoon photos and the speaker at the beginning. The only thing I would change would be the photos starting around 2 minutes into the video. I didn’t like that some of them didn’t fill up the whole screen because I found it difficult to see what was happening in the photo, and the citations at the bottom, although important, were rather distracting to me and not very pleasant looking.

  4. TWIDING3 says:

    This was great. I really enjoyed how you guys made the topic “relatable” by having to make your own friend

  5. BZHANG343 says:

    This is a really fun video. It’s informative and very intriguing. I love how you put together all the key points and relate back to what we learned in class. The video has a nice flow and great visual effects. Great job!

  6. ANATHANI6 says:

    I love the concept! Good job!!

  7. CWOODALL6 says:

    I really enjoyed the video. The humor and music was able to keep me entertained and interested throughout. Great Job.

  8. SLEE862 says:

    The whole video was so entertaining, especially the beginning. The pictures of the real world examples were also really interesting.

  9. OMOORE7 says:

    I really enjoyed the video. It was interesting to watch and gave a ton of information! Great job! I laughed at the mini jokes. =]

  10. MWILLIAMS329 says:

    Great job! Music was a little distracting though, but overall a great job. Very informative! Rating: 9.5/10

  11. TEVINGER3 says:

    I really liked the music used throughout the video, because it was able to keep me listening to the words spoken by the narrators. I also liked the concept of trying to create a friend by using the information from the article. The video also did a great job of synthesizing data from various sources to support the claims made in the video. However, it seemed that at times the video was more or less a re-iteration of the article instead of applying the information of the article into a engaging presentation. Lastly, I think it would have been a little better if more than two people talked during the presentation, so it would feel more like a group effort.

  12. SBANDARU6 says:

    This was funny, I like how you used the “build your own friend from scratch” idea as a precursor to describing the information presented in the abstract.
    Although the transition at 1:23 was a bit abrupt, the summary of the findings stated in the abstract was clear and easy to understand.

  13. YNGUYEN6 says:

    The video started off very cute because of the story of creating a new “friend.” The music in the background also made it a very playful video, but towards the middle to end part, it got a little boring, and I found myself a little uninterested. Obviously, it’s a little difficult to make the topic very interesting, but they maybe could have included a few “stories” or little playful and interactive parts. Overall, though, I thoroughly enjoyed the pictures in the beginning, and their narrations were humorous. They relayed the information pretty well!

  14. JFEARS32 says:

    Excellent job, I think this video was my favorite so far. I enjoyed the use of humor and the background music tied it together nicely.

  15. SFAREED7 says:

    This video was really funny and intriguing. I liked how your ideas logically flowed, and were easy to follow. I also liked how the music fit with the discussion, and changed when another person was talking. To improve, maybe you could try and relate the topic to a common example that everybody knows. I was a little confused about the making a friend analogy. Overall though, really good job!

  16. SKAHF3 says:

    The overall video quality was really good, and the content was very understandable. Almost all of the voiceover was enunciated and the explanations were concise enough so that the viewer doesn’t get bored or distracted. Conveying information from the paper was also quite clear. It did seem like there was a very large amount of background material compared to actual research paper material, and it could have been more balanced in this regard, but the video quality and clarity as a whole was top notch.

  17. SCHEN438 says:

    Nice work, the video was very creative ! the organization of this video was very well done. It inclued evidences to supprt the idea and related to our module in our textbook. The cartoon match the oral presentation. The image and the data very helps me to understand the idea in the video. the transition between the visuals was very smooth. Overall, The video was clear and professional. The presenters had good pacing and voice inflection to make the video very clear and easy to understand.

  18. CPISCIOTTA6 says:

    The group did a very good job with the quality of the video. The images were clear and I could understand what the group members were saying. I appreciate how many images used in the video came from the textbook. It made it easy for me to see were they got the information from and also where I could look to learn more. I think the video could have been improved had other group members spoken or also been filmed.

  19. MOGUNSUSI3 says:

    Amazing presentation! You guys put a lot of effort into this video, the graphics were great, and the information presented flowed extremely well. Magnificent job!

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