Summer 2015 Projects: Do Cheaters Always Win? (Group 11)

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18 Responses to Summer 2015 Projects: Do Cheaters Always Win? (Group 11)

  1. CWALDEN6 says:

    Cool! Information with nice use of graphic aids.

  2. JPROCK3 says:

    I thought this video was very interesting. I liked the analogies of purifying action and stalemates. Good job.

  3. BZHANG343 says:

    The presentation is organized and engaging. It has lots of great analogies and supporting data to help the audience understand the topic. It’s also humorous and fun to watch.

  4. GGRESHAM6 says:

    Overall, this video was good. The information was well presented and I feel like I learned a good bit. The only things I would change are the number of pictures and sound. I feel like a few more pictures could have been added rather than keeping the focus on the person speaking. Also, the background music was good, but too loud. It made listening a little difficult.

  5. SBADNANI3 says:

    The information in this video was good. The use of images helped me to further understand the concepts of the article.
    However, the background music was a bit too loud and it was a bit difficult to hear what the speaker was saying at times

  6. SLEE862 says:

    The information was clear, and the information was presented in a way in which I felt engaged. The images helped a lot. I thought at times the music was a little too loud which made it a little hard to hear.

  7. YLIEW3 says:

    One of the best videos on the page. The music in the background keeps the video engaging and fun. The analogies were very relevant and effective.

  8. CQIAN31 says:

    great use of fun interdisciplinary pictures!

  9. LBELL9 says:

    Creative video and liked how pictures were used to help explain the concepts. Slightly hard to hear the speaking at some points due to the music volume, but was overall still understandable.

  10. MWILLIAMS329 says:

    Great job and I loved the pictures that you used! Music was a bit distracting though.

  11. GNACEY3 says:

    Background music is to loud and makes it hard to hear some of the speakers. Great explanation of topic.

  12. YNGUYEN6 says:

    This video was great!!! It had a lot of visual appeal and clear explanations. I really enjoyed how they kept comparing these processes to things in real life because it definitely made it a lot easier to understand. They included a lot of interesting information, and they relayed it in a way that would be easy for viewers who don’t know much about biology to understand.

  13. JFEARS32 says:

    Good job with the video. The sound quality was a little off, the music was a bit too loud for some of the recording. It was slight and overall you guys did a great job.

  14. SFAREED7 says:

    Your video was really intriguing. I though you guys presented the information really well. I liked the light bulb analogy, it really helped put the information into a relatable and understandable perspective. The music that you used was nice, it helped set the mood and made the overall video more lively. To improve, I would try and work on the flow from one topic to another, for me it was a little hard to see how one idea was connected to another. Overall though, I felt that the video was very good!

  15. SCHEN438 says:

    The video was creative and the organization of the story was very clear and well done. The image was related and supported the topic which helps me to understand the idea. The presenters did a very good job. However, I think the background music was a little too loud that sometimes even cover the presenter ‘s voice. Overall, The video was very clear, creative and professional.

  16. CSHIRLEY6 says:

    Although this video was very easy to understand conceptually, there were some technical issues. I felt like the background music was way too loud compared to your actual voices. It was very hard for me to hear what you were actually saying. However, the background music was very fun and entertaining.

  17. ELIN37 says:

    The intro was good. The information flowed coherently, though the music was a bit too loud sometimes, making the speaker harder to hear. The music chosen was good though. Lots of good pictures.

  18. YASIF3 says:

    There was a lot of information put within 4 minutes; however, it was coherent and enough examples were given to understand the subject of cheaters. One aspect that could have been improved on was the music in the background; at some points, it was difficult to concentrate on what the narrator was saying. The overall flow of this video was spectacular, and I especially liked the pictures that were presented while the narrator was speaking.
    -Yusra Asif

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