Summer 2015 Projects (Group 9) – Why the Y Chromosome Matters

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20 Responses to Summer 2015 Projects (Group 9) – Why the Y Chromosome Matters

  1. CWALDEN6 says:

    So cute and creative, love it!

  2. MJIANG45 says:

    good job

  3. OPOOL3 says:

    The video did an excellent job of explaining course material- all of the speakers were clear and it was apparent that there was excellent planning and preparation for the video. Graphics in the video were very entertaining, even when they didn’t always make sense. The story of Mr. Y and Jene confused me a little bit and seemed a little far-fetched, but I can see how it ties back into the topic.

  4. EANDERSON68 says:

    I like the little cartoons that told the story. Your graphics go along well with the information.

  5. JBAIK7 says:

    I really enjoyed this video; however, I did not like how sometimes it felt to be moving too slow. There were some awkward silences that didn’t really belong there. All in all, I thought that it was a good video that was very well put together and easy to follow.

  6. ANATHANI6 says:

    This videos is really creative!! Good job!

  7. SBADNANI3 says:

    I like how this video literally tells a story. The narration was clear and easy to understand.

  8. CWOODALL6 says:

    I followed the video very well. I enjoyed the story and thought that it broke down the overall concept excellently.

  9. SLEE862 says:

    I liked the creativity of the story but there were a few long pauses that kind of made it a little disjointed and unclear as to how it related to the material. Video as a whole was very informative though.

  10. dkssud says:

    The video was interesting to watch and explained the concepts enough with an interesting story.

  11. CQIAN31 says:

    Like your Mr.y story!

  12. LBELL9 says:

    Unique way of explaining the concept! Visuals were clear and the music was nice.

  13. OMOORE7 says:

    Your video was great! It not only had a lot of important information, but the story broke down everything in an understandable way. It was funny and sad at the same time, which is great for keeping the audience’s attention. Great job! =]
    P.S… PENGUIN! =D

  14. JFEARS32 says:

    Great use of Pow Toon. I enjoyed the format of your video. The creativity tricked me into learning biology.

  15. VPRADEEP3 says:

    I think this group did a good job with the project in general. I think the content is appropriate for an introductory biology audience. I think they have a great analogy which could have been relayed better. But given the time constraints, I think the group did a good job.

  16. AVEITH3 says:

    Many groups used the PowToons animation software and I have enjoyed every one. you both utilized the software and conveyed a large amount of complex information through a very simple story. Great video!

  17. SCHEN438 says:

    Very creative video! The stroy really makes the your easy to understand and more interested . The images can help viewer understand the topic. The transition between visuals was very well done. The prsenters was very clear. The only thing I think need to improve was to add some evidence and may be explain more about the data. The work cited page was not very professional.

  18. CSHIRLEY6 says:

    The animation was very cool and entertaining, but there were a lot of gaps, which was very boring and made the video a lot longer than it should have been.

  19. MOGUNSUSI3 says:

    I really enjoyed the animations, it made the presentation of the information much more entertaining. The information flowed well, and the content was spot on. Great job

  20. YASIF3 says:

    In this study, chromosomes are separated into autosomes and sex chromosomes. Basically, new genes are migrating from y-chromosomes to autosomal chromosomes. To show this, the video plays a very basic animation, yet it explains this complicated idea. Some genes may prefer other chromosomes. The animation was nicely done, and overall the video flow was very well put together.
    -Yusra Asif

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