Summer 2015 Projects (Group 8) – Why the Y Chromosome Matters

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12 Responses to Summer 2015 Projects (Group 8) – Why the Y Chromosome Matters

  1. CKELLUM3 says:

    Good pace with a clear voice combined with visual pictures helped explain the topic. Great verbal confirmation of sources and the watson and crick experiment relates back to the course. Overall the video was well done.

  2. TWIDING3 says:

    Good mixture of slight comedy and information to make sure it wasn’t just four consecutive minutes of information.

  3. BZHANG343 says:

    It did a good job in explaining the concepts and presenting research findings. I especially like the introduction.

  4. AGRIMES8 says:

    I thought that the content-based portions of this video were very well spoken and informative. More so than other videos I’ve watched, the inflection and speed of delivery was very easy to understand on the first viewing. The sense of humor was a bit too flippant for my taste, but I could see how some students may relate to it in a helpful way. All-in-all, I did learn a good deal from watching this video.

  5. GGRESHAM6 says:

    Informationally, this video was great. It covered all the bases the article provided in a clear manner. It went into great detail which was good. My only issue was the voice used. It was monotone and got kind of hard to listen to after a couple minutes.

  6. SWILSON74 says:

    Well done narration: the graphics were entertaining and the pacing was spot on. Still, I would have liked to know a bit about the process by which genes relocate to autosomal chromosomes. #Tequila

  7. TEVINGER3 says:

    I liked the fact that the video was well-rounded in terms of covering all of the information present in the article. The speaker also did an exceptional job of speaking calmly and understandably so that I could follow the information being given out during the video. I also liked the placement of the jokes within the presentation, and the fact that they were clarified as jokes in order to prevent confusion. The only real complaint I have about this video is the fact that there was only one speaker throughout the entire video. The speaker was also very monotonous throughout the presentation, which could possibly lose the interest of the listener after a while. On the whole, it was a very good video, good job!

  8. GNACEY3 says:

    Great explanation of the topic, enjoyed the analogies and examples.

  9. YNGUYEN6 says:

    The beginning was really good because it was humorous and sort of pulled the viewer in. Right after that though, when they began giving information, I didn’t like how they talked over the one picture of the karyotype for such a long time. I think that the information they gave in those 20 seconds or so, they could have incorporated many other pictures to make it a little more visually appealing. What I did really enjoy though was the humor throughout the video. The information was great. I just wish they put a few more pictures and analogies in it.

  10. JFEARS32 says:

    I enjoyed your video. The recording level was excellent and the choice of pictures for your video was well thought out. Thanks guys.

  11. DBLACK44 says:

    This video was informative but had just enough entertainment to keep the viewer interested. Presentation displays thorough knowledge of topic.

  12. BPEABODY3 says:

    I liked the narration in that it conveyed information in a clear, organized fashion. However, I feel that the audience would have been better engaged with video. Also, I would have liked to know more about the process of gene relocation given that we now have the knowledge to understand it, but I also understand that y’all are limited by time.

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