F15-27 Food Chains and Food Webs

#27: Andrew Cornell, Quynh Anh Do, Elsa Samantaray, Tymirra Smith, Kavin Somu

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16 Responses to F15-27 Food Chains and Food Webs

  1. bwinters3 says:

    The use of many different food webs and food chains allowed for a very comprehensive understanding of both of these concepts. Voices were clear and easy to understand. Sometimes, the speed of communication was too fast. Also, perhaps mention how energy is transferred up the food chain with low efficiency, so top consumers must eat many prey.

  2. qqu3 says:

    The materials are well explained. The dimmed background allows me to trace the speaker’s words. The general ideas of the food web are supported by multiple figures in the terrestrial and aquatic biomes.

    Improvement: The information presented was repetitive. May considered applying other facts related to food chains such as trophic pyramid and the biomass of animals under each category(primary producer, secondary consumer, etc..)

  3. pmishra33 says:

    Overall, this was an extremely informative and concise video. It was easy to follow and the voice over was very clear and loud. The information was relayed in a precise manner. One improvement to make would be to deliver the information in small pieces instead of all at once in a single slide, so the viewer can follow along with the voice over.

  4. gcaesar3 says:

    The rainforest example was very interesting, and it was clear that you did your research! I would suggest speaking a little bit slower so that it is easier to understand what is being said.

  5. tmitchell44 says:

    The use of good visual pictures and the spotlight to guide the viewer and simplify the pictures made the video easy to understand.

  6. jvalencia8 says:

    It was obvious that the creators were knowledgeable on the subject. Also, the background music and the tone helped me not be bored. I would suggest that the speaker slow it down a tad.

  7. mmartin99 says:

    Your video was very informative and well put together. The visuals were aesthetically pleasing and easy to follow. Your information was clear and delivered in an understandable manner. Near the end of the video, some of the examples seem repetitive. I would suggest adding an actual case study to give real world context to this video.

  8. sabdulhameed3 says:

    There were a lot of examples of food webs, making the video interesting and informative! However, the voiceover kind of got fast at times so i suggest slowing it down.

  9. kbernart3 says:

    This was a very informative video; the definitions of food chains and food webs, as well as their implications and significance, were clearly portrayed. Visually, the video looks very neat. However, the pacing of the audio could have been better as the narrators talked very fast but there were still 5 seconds of no audio at the end. Cutting out some chunks of the script may have been a better option.

  10. vpatel301 says:

    I really liked the background music and the use of dimmed lighting to focus in on the cursor to further explain the food chain! The voiceover was very enthusiastic too! However, apart from the initial definition and introduction of food chains and food webs much of the video primarily revolved around identifying food chains in various biomes. An improvement would be to incorporate the idea of energy transfers in greater detail as well as insight into various classes of organisms at each level. (expanding on autotrophs, or primary/secondary/tertiary)

  11. esilenzi3 says:

    Good job. The visuals were done extremely well and the effect of using a spotlight on certain images was very helpful for highlighting certain portions of the picture. The concepts were made clear, and it was very easy to understand.

  12. vlee38 says:

    The video was great! The voiceovers were clear and I like how the screen dimmed and highlighted one area of the screen that was being talked about. One improvement would be that sometimes I felt that too much time was spent on one slide. Maybe it would be better for the audience if more slides were used to match the length of the corresponding voiceover.

  13. cnguyen76 says:

    Nice work with the many examples! It really helped to clarify the points. However, I feel that since our objective is only to interpret food chains and webs and locate food chains in food webs, I think that the explanations regarding each biome is unnecessary. Also, there is a lot of text in the second slide; it would have been a lot better to have just explained it from small points rather than whole sentences.

  14. nleonard6 says:

    The video was very detailed and well-researched. I additionally enjoyed the clear visuals and the use of the computer tracker to follow the food chain. However, some of the information seemed repetitive, and an improvement could be made by removing this repetitive information and adding information about energy flows, matter cycles, or biomagnification.

  15. jsolomon41 says:

    The video was informative and engaging. Using multiple food webs to explain this concept was really nice. Even though the page was a little cluttered, it makes sense to include it because it makes note-taking easier for viewers. The music was a nice touch, though it could be a little softer or less active music could have been used. Also, pacing could have been improved.

  16. bthomas79 says:

    The speed could have been fixed a bit, but other than that the video was very informative and clear. The examples help viewers to understand the concepts.

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