F15-52 Community Ecology and Competition


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Science | From AAAS. (n.d.). Retrieved November 9, 2015.

Song: “Sparks” by Hillary Duff

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17 Responses to F15-52 Community Ecology and Competition

  1. cbleick3 says:

    The whiteboard drawings worked very well for you guys. I liked how you would put pictures of the animals on the whiteboard instead of actually drawing them. The script seemed forced in some parts of the video, and I wish it would have flowed more easily.

  2. boh33 says:

    I really liked how the video incorporated examples that we didn’t discuss during class, so it gave a fresh look at the concepts. One thing that this video could have done, however, is give a brief overview of the other levels of ecology and how it relates to community ecology.

  3. mwalden6 says:

    The voices were a bit monotone and it sounded like everyone was just reading from a script, but the animations were really cool and it was really informative!

  4. mwilber3 says:

    I liked how you had a variety of speakers and used multiple different images. One thing you could have improved on would be the stability of the camera, and have the speakers sound more energetic.

  5. ckiernicki3 says:

    In terms of production quality, it could be better, but I really liked the outside examples.

  6. kpatel364 says:

    Great video! It was very informative. You could have improved this video by relating your topic to an example to something else such as people competing for something else.

  7. yan49 says:

    This video was good and thorough in explaining the concepts. It was easy to follow, but it got a little bland after a while. I would suggest using more visual examples and situations.

  8. mnguyen74 says:

    The video was paced very well and the voice-over was on point with the animations. I suggest a more thorough spellcheck, or revising process, because there was at least one spelling error.

  9. jreini3 says:

    I like the simplicity with which this video provides the information. The speaking is clear and the visuals further emphasize what is being said in the video. I would add more detail about competition to help complete the video.

  10. cchastine3 says:

    Very easy to follow and understand, and all the visuals were relevant and used. You could maybe improve this video by changing some of the visuals (I.E. the finch beak size graph or the hare-lynx cycle) to be more clear to grasp at a first glance.

  11. mvarga6 says:

    The video’s content was very informative and taught the concept well. However, the drawings were lack-luster and could’ve been more expanded upon in order to fully draw the attention of the audience

  12. wporter8 says:

    The examples given were really good.

    The graphic from the first example of the lynx and the hare made it look like the hare ate the lynx.

  13. mstopford3 says:

    You guys did a great job creating a concise video that didn’t overflow the viewer with knowledge. While their seemed to be a lack of enthusiasm on the topic, the well paced audio and new examples led to a positive outlook on community ecology and competition. Good job overall.

  14. gwilliams81 says:

    strange graphics/videography, but ultimately straightforward and understandable examples

  15. wdisser3 says:

    You all did a really good job of explaining the different variations on competition– providing examples for each went a long way towards enhancing understanding. The script/ voiceover for the video could use a little work in parts to make it flow a little better.

  16. bthomas79 says:

    Good work. This video is informative and thoroughly explains each topic while differentiating them. The graph at the beginning could have been shown longer so that it could be interpreted, but other than that the video was clear and concise.

  17. nharris39 says:

    The pacing of the video is very nice. It is not so fast that the viewer cannot digest the material as it is being presented. The example of the lynx and hare was presented quite well. The definition of resource partitioning was a good addition as was the example of resource partitioning. I would recommend making the voice over sound a little more enthusiastic/engaging.

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