F15-50 Allopatric and Sympatric Speciation


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7 Responses to F15-50 Allopatric and Sympatric Speciation

  1. kmruk3 says:

    The illustration of these principles on Georgia Tech’s campus was highly informative and relevant to students in this course. It was also very humorous and engaging while still communicating the necessary information. The rap at the beginning was an interesting means to introduce and discuss the topic, however it was difficult to understand at some parts. Improving the audio quality in this instance would greatly improve this portion of the video.

  2. eklarl3 says:

    I liked the originality and creativity of your video. It was definitely entertaining and made me want to listen to the content/info. Also, great simile to make the concept relatable to us students. The only thing is that you could have explained gene flow a little more. Overall, great job. Also, Aashal, can you let me know when your mixtape drops?

  3. cdalluge3 says:

    The analogy to east/west campus is a really good way to compare the topics. Rap quality is close to Kanye (10/10).

  4. segboga3 says:

    This video was really interesting to watch. I particularly enjoyed the rap at the beginning even though I couldn’t understand much of what you were saying in the beginning. The video was generally very interesting and easy to understand

  5. nkilavuz3 says:

    The video is very unique in delivering its material. It feels more like an entertaining video that aims for the specific audience of young college students, rather than an ordinary formal informative lecture. Don’t get me wrong, but this three-minute video does a better job than the 50 minute-lectures in class in covering the material. Allopatric and Sympatric speciations could not have been explained by a better analogy. The narrative comments are very explanatory and easy-to-understand, while the actings are both educating and fun to watch.
    I do not have any suggestions on how to improve the video, as it offers everything I would expect from a freshman biology project.

  6. kahmadi3 says:

    The creativity of the video is one of the best. One thing that I would say is that the sound quality could a little better when you are rapping. Besides that the whole concept of comparing the different parts of campus helped to make the concept easier for a viewer who has no idea what is being discussed. Last thing I think you guys did well by keeping the video engaging because it wasn’t the same scenes the entire time.

  7. bthomas79 says:

    This was by far the most creative video I’ve seen. The examples were humorous but also helped make the content relatable and understandable. It was very engaging.

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