F15-06 Energy Diagrams and Enzymes

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13 Responses to F15-06 Energy Diagrams and Enzymes

  1. eeggleston3 says:

    The content of the video was great, but the audio quality was poor which made it difficult to hear.

  2. jkim3116 says:

    The video has good information about energy diagrams and enzymes, but I think a better job could have done in thoroughly explaining how enzymes work by using more examples. It was also a little hard to follow because the narrator’s voice is muffled throughout the video, but your visuals are okay. Just a small visual problem at 36 sec – catalysts is covered up by your caption, and a viewer may have trouble reading the word. Otherwise, good video!

  3. rclyburn6 says:

    This video did a great job of explaining the framework of something that I feel may be very difficult for some students to comprehend. I also liked the analogies made within the video. I would only suggest improving the audio quality, as sometimes it was difficult to understand what was being said.

  4. khill62 says:

    Worked well: good analogy! The drawings also helped a lot.
    Can improve: the sound was very muffled and hard to understand. Content wise, I wasn’t aware of your analogy until little ways through the video (this may be due to the sound issue).

  5. cjordan45 says:

    The visual pictures of how an enzyme catalyzes a reaction really helped give a basic understanding of a complicated process. In the future, I would either record the voice-over with a better quality recording device that way it is more clear, or make the music in the background softer so you can hear what you are saying better.

  6. kpatel364 says:

    Great video! It was really informative and I liked the relation to studying. You could improve by including more images that relate to the studying example.

  7. mnguyen74 says:

    The audio was fuzzy, so I had to go back to hear some parts of the video, but the content was very nice and concise.

  8. cchastine3 says:

    The audio was muffled and difficult to understand. But other than that the visuals were helpful and the analogy of comparing studying to an energy diagram was creative.

  9. ksloan7 says:

    The video does a good job of making the idea of catalysts with the analogy to study habits. The content was good and a nice over view. The beginning of the video was kind of hard to understand with the muffled audio.

  10. kmarshall30 says:

    It was easy to follow and straight forward to the learning objective great job! But the audio could’ve been better.

  11. kzimmerman30 says:

    The visuals in the video were very useful in understanding the idea. However, the audio quality could stand some improvement, it was consistently difficult to understand the speaker.

  12. vsundar8 says:

    The drawn imagery was engaging and creative and represented all of the information very well. The video could be improved by incorporating better sound quality. The speeding up and slowing down of the drawing and the fact that it was taken in one take is very impressive.

  13. kmarshall30 says:

    I like that you drew the pictures and it made it simple to follow but the video audio made it hard to understand everything that was being explain.

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