F15-47 Origin of Life on Earth

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12 Responses to F15-47 Origin of Life on Earth

  1. aburtz3 says:

    The drawings were very well done and clear.

    The presentation may have been a little better if bodies had not been in the screen. Maybe lay the whiteboard down so only the hands drawing could be seen.

  2. jsodwatana3 says:

    The narrator explains the material very well and the video covers all the important information about the origin of life. Would be a good review material for the finals. One suggestion would be to keep the illustrations up a bit longer. Sometimes its drawn but then is simultaneously erased.

  3. nbuxani6 says:

    I think this video was very informative. However, the visuals could have better, and sometimes the people on the screen blocked the words on the whiteboard.

  4. skarmarkar6 says:

    Great job with this video. It was clear and went through each concept clearly to finally get to a conclusion. Maybe having everyone narrate a bit of the video instead of just one person would better grab the audience’s attention.

  5. jvalencia8 says:

    The information was presented well! The video should have focused more on one aspect of the origin of life. Four minutes isn’t enough time, although the group did well with it.

  6. sabdulhameed3 says:

    The facts were very informative and clear! However, i suggest making the drawings the main focus because when people came on the screen they blocked it, making the video look sloppy.

  7. sholtzen3 says:

    I really liked the clear and concise nature of this video. My only issue with it is its length. It was well outside the 1-3 minute limit and the bodies in the way were distracting, but other than that, I understood better the origins of life on earth after watching this video.

  8. esilenzi3 says:

    This video is very well done. The information covered is very clear, and the visuals are very applicable and helpful. The audio is also done well. The person doing the drawings was in the way from time to time, but that wasn’t a huge deal. Good job all around.

  9. fnguyen8 says:

    Great work! This video was very informative and a great overview of the concept. A recommendation would be to change the narrator to capture the viewers attention with each subject change.

  10. mvu31 says:

    I really liked this video. The information was clearly conveyed in a creative and fun format. The only suggestion I have is to not block the information when writing, it is a little distraction when you have to wait for the body to move to see what is going on. Very good overall!

  11. smosley30 says:

    The narration is very clear and timed well with the drawings. The concepts are easily understood. The visuals are a little messy and lack some detail, but overall still aid in understanding the concepts. It would have been beneficial to remove the body from the video and film only the hands.

  12. acruz35 says:

    Very nice video! You guys did a good job with the drawings and I liked how you had your narration throughout explaining all the concepts related to the origin of life such as the characteristics of life. Very good job guys!

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