F15-A9 – Incomplete Dominance

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15 Responses to F15-A9 – Incomplete Dominance

  1. kmruk3 says:

    What an adorable way to explore incomplete dominance. Using one family of labradors through multiple generations really helps express the nature of different types of inheritance. Your explanation was very thorough and neatly done, and the note at the end on co-dominance was very helpful. As improvement, I may suggest moving faster through the examples. The video is fairly slow paced and gets repetitive towards the later examples.

  2. Angela says:

    I liked your example but the timing of the voiceover and the drawing was a little off.

  3. kravi31 says:

    The video did a good job of explaining the components of Mendelian Genetics. However, incomplete dominance was not the focus of the video and was not really touched upon. Also, the video was way too long for one to pay attention for the whole time.

  4. cchastine3 says:

    The video was informative and easy to follow. However the visuals seem to lag behind the narration a bit at times, and the video could be much shorter.

  5. mmartin99 says:

    The example you used was very simple, clean, and cute! Your video was very helpful with understanding the patterns of inheritance when you have parents with different genotypes and phenotypes. Near the end, the visuals seemed to be rushed. I would suggest cutting down on your video length so that your video fits in the time restraint and doesn’t seem rushed.

  6. segboga3 says:

    This video was really good. I know that because of these examples, I have a better understanding of Incomplete Dominance. The images were really good and the objective was thoroughly explained. Well done

  7. rgallaway3 says:

    I think that the dogs made for a very effective and interesting example of co-dominance. However, the visuals definitely could have been sped up a little to match the speed of the voiceover. Also, I agree that the video was a little long.

  8. rpitrone3 says:

    This video has great illustrations and helpful Punnett squares that help convey the concept of incomplete dominance! One thing that could be improved could be to shorten the narrative, because the video is very long.

  9. jpardo6 says:

    This video is very well done. The drawings are really good and help explain the topic very well. The color yellow is somewhat hard to read and see in the video so changing that color would improve the video.

  10. ktownsend3 says:

    I really enjoyed this video!! The neat and colorful visuals kept me engaged the entire time and you explained all of the material in a very lighthearted yet informational manner. Although the video was long, you definitely covered all your bases with the multiple examples that you provided.

  11. bdecker9 says:

    The examples using the dogs was very cute but the explanations were a little too detailed and at times it was hard to pay attention. To improve this, I would suggest cutting out some of the repetitive information that is given and focus on the necessary information.

  12. adave39 says:

    I loved the example of the labradors! The video overall was very in depth, the graphics were easy to read, and information was always supported by examples. One constructive criticism that I have would be to shorten the length of the video because 5 minutes is rather long. Additionally, there were times where the narration was ahead of the visuals, so I had trouble putting together what I was seeing and what I was listening to.

  13. smosley30 says:

    I think using the dogs in the video as a specific example helped give Mendelian genetics some context that could be very easily seen (especially with the changing of marker color). The audio did not always line up correctly with the drawing but not to the extent of incomprehensibility.

  14. mjung43 says:

    The sound quality was not the best, but the examples and narrations were amazing to watch and hear. Overall, I enjoyed reviewing incomplete dominance. However, I do suggest fixing the sound quality, breaks, and length of the video.

  15. enguyen9 says:

    I enjoyed how you told a “Once upon a time” story. The drawings were adorable, and the video had good depth, while still being easy to understand. However, the pacing of the video was a little slow.

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