F15-24: Mitosis and Meiosis


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21 Responses to F15-24: Mitosis and Meiosis

  1. edernar3 says:

    Pictures did a wonderful job showing each step. The audio cut off toward the end of some parts and wasn’t very clear.

  2. bwinters3 says:

    Covered all of the key information regarding mitosis and meiosis, such as crossing over and haploid/diploid. Drawing out the steps was also a good idea. Constructively, the voices were rather hard to understand, and it sounded as if everyone was simply reading from a textbook.

  3. jstephenson36 says:

    I think this video was very helpful differentiating meiosis and mitosis. The visuals clearly showed what was happening during each cell replication, and the visuals at the end compared the two cycles which made everything even more clear. The one suggestion I have for this video to be more engaging, is to improve the audio. Adding more inflection in your voices would have made people listen better.

  4. kmruk3 says:

    You provided a very thorough and complete explanation of mitosis and meiosis in a very short amount of time. The structure of the video is also well planned and easy to follow. However to improve the actual video quality, it would have been nice if the camera could have been mounted (removing the shakiness). Additionally, clearer audio at certain points would have been helpful.

  5. jkim3116 says:

    The video is good with good quality visuals covering vital information of mitosis and meiosis. Something that could be added are descriptions of which stage specific events happen in meiosis (i.e. crossing over happens in prophase 1). Another change to make the video smoother is to designate one person to be the narrator to create a more consistent and uniform audio. Also, I believe your sources need to follow the standard format provided in the project guidelines. Otherwise, job well done!

  6. akershteyn3 says:

    The explanations and drawings are very helpful and explain the processes well. The chart is also very helpful in summing up meiosis and mitosis. The only thing I would change is to have a clearer audio in the first half of the video. I liked it overall!

  7. hchenot3 says:

    This video was pretty difficult to follow, as the sound and video quality was variant. To better improve the video, I would recommend using the one person drawing and one person speaking, to make the video seem more put-together and overall cleaner.

    All ideas were fully explained, both in the script and on the page. After watching this video, I feel confident that my knowledge of mitosis and meiosis has been mostly refreshed. This was helped by the fact that the script followed the drawings as they were creating — by aligning these two key features, every drawing could be supported by at least one sentence.

  8. cjordan45 says:

    The video was very informative and gave great visuals of all the processes occuring during mitosis and meiosis. For future reference, I would maybe focus a little more on the differences between meiosis and mitosis (or just slow that section down). That part of the video was a bit rushed and difficult to take notes on.

  9. cjordan45 says:

    The video was very informative and I loved the detailed diagrams of each process. The only criticism I have would be to slow the section down about the differences between mitosis and meiosis, or just simplify it a bit. Overall, well done!

  10. esisson3 says:

    The video was very informative and the drawings were very well done. It was a little bland and could use a touch of creativity to make it more interesting to keep the viewers attention.

  11. jvalencia8 says:

    Accurate information, but the narrator should slow down and should also label each step as they draw.

  12. sabdulhameed3 says:

    The video had great images that matched with what was being said. The information was related to the subject and very informative. One way it could have been better is if the voice over was slower because sometimes it goes so fast that one cannot understand what is being said, which defeats the purpose of learning from the video.

  13. tzhao65 says:

    Sometimes the voice recordings are not clear enough. It seems like you are mumbling into the microphone.

  14. sholtzen3 says:

    I really thought this video was helpful in learning about replication and division of cells. I really enjoyed the images and the quality of the video itself. I think that it could be a little more engaging and relatable to a real-life topic.

  15. tsmith356 says:

    I thought that overall your group did a good job of explaining the concepts of mitosis and meiosis. Although using simpler language may have been better for those who didn’t already have a foundation in the topic. Also the audio was a bit difficult to understand. I also thought the drawings were a great visual for the explanation.

  16. ashonia3 says:

    The visuals were really helpful in showing the processes of both mitosis and meiosis and the comparison/contrast between the two is very useful for a general explanation of the concepts. The video was a little hard to follow because there was a lot of information at once spoken in a fast pace.

  17. apatel429 says:

    The video was very educational and the drawings definitely made the concept more clear. The audio however was muffled at areas which made it hard to understand.

  18. mrajagopalan3 says:

    This video was incredibly comprehensive and I think it is a great tool that could be used to understand these concepts. The visuals were easy to follow and very detailed! The only thing is that the speaking is kind of rushed and sort of robotic, so it is easy to sort of tune it out. If it were slower and sounded less like it was just a script being read off it would be very helpful!

  19. acruz35 says:

    Nice job explaining all the components of mitosis and meiosis. I liked how your drawings helped to clearly illustrate each step in the process. Nice work!

  20. rbonk3 says:

    The video format of drawing was creative and attention-getting. Your use of colors and clear visuals made the video interesting and informative.

  21. hadjunta3 says:

    the best part of the content: when you put face to face mitosis & meiosis. the graph were really engaging. and the voice over was well made. sometimes to fast or out of time but still, great video. tip: use a simpler vocabulary. will help people to understand it better.

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