F15-48 Mendelian Genetics

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22 Responses to F15-48 Mendelian Genetics

  1. eeggleston3 says:

    This video was really good in terms of content and the drawn-out graphics. If I have to be picky, I would say the voiceover could have been a little slower because the talking is a little fast to absorb all the information.

  2. edernar3 says:

    Very in depth and great job explaining. The speaking was a little fast, but it was probably to stay within the time parameters.

  3. bwinters3 says:

    Awesome presentation. Fully comprehensive. I feel that if I knew nothing about Mendelian Genetics, this video would give me a solid foundation. My only critique would be that it is important to point out that most traits do not follow this simple pattern of inheritance.

  4. kmruk3 says:

    You featured really great graphics and a fun example to illustrate the principles you talked about! Purple eyes and starry spots will definitely stick with viewers more than the traditional examples. The video may have benefited from better lighting and cleaner editing; small things like that can become more distracting in an educationally oriented video. Great job!

  5. dluehm3 says:

    The illustrations were fantastic. The talking seemed to be too rushed.

  6. hmohilldean3 says:

    An excellent video that thoroughly explained Mendelian genetics. I particularly enjoyed the production quality of the video. The example with the ocelot was a good way to demonstrate the terms mentioned. My only issues was that the narration was a little too fast to follow, and I guess it wouldn’t hurt to mention that not all Mendelian traits follow the characteristics mentioned.

  7. hchenot3 says:

    Really enjoyed this video. It was very concise, yet covered all major Mendelian topics required for this class. The most useful part of this video was the application to ‘real’ ocelots — this provided a more tangible way to explore effects of parental genotypes on offspring genotypes.

    However, I feel as though a piece of the video was left out. Even though the punnet square was only directed towards the eye color, since the spot vs. star gene was brought up earlier, I was left wondering where that punnet square went.

  8. kravi31 says:

    The video successfully explained the basics of Mendelian genetics. Showing an example of a cross along with the ratios will certainly help those reviewing Punnett squares. One change I would recommend is the removal of the forest drawing. It did not really add anything to the presentation.

  9. thowell31 says:

    Very thorough explanation and appealing visuals (bright colors, cutout of the wildcat). The speedy narration (mostly at the beginning) makes it a little difficult to follow; you had a few awkward inflections and pauses in there. Overall, very cohesive, successful video!

  10. wporter8 says:

    The video was awesome! The drawings were really good.

    There seemed to be a lot packed into the video, so maybe it could’ve been simplified down a little or some stuff cut out (like explaining dominant and recessive traits with the real example).

  11. mleach6 says:

    This was a very informative video, but the speaking was VERY fast. I think had the narration been slowed a little bit, I would have gained much more from this video. However, the images were representative and clear to understand, and all the information was helpful.

  12. vpatel301 says:

    I really liked the visuals, especially the cutouts. It brings another design element into video to further explain the topic at hand. In terms of content, I think the video effectively communicated a broad overview of Mendelian genetics. One suggestion, if any, would probably be to edit the video/voiceover slightly so that the transitions between “slides” aren’t rushed.

  13. cnguyen76 says:

    The illustrations were great and helped to link the voiceover with what was going on. However, the voiceover was too fast to keep up with and the writing on the board often wasn’t timed in place with the dialogue.

  14. jhumphries30 says:

    The video was very thorough and did a very good job at working through an example to drive the point home.

    Some of the audio could have been more polished and overall the video speed was a little rapid which could have impeded comprehension.

  15. oosaigbovo3 says:

    The narrator was very clear and the transitions from one idea to another was smooth. However, the narrator’s voice seemed a bit rushed and slowing down would give the viewer more time to understand the concept.

  16. acornell7 says:

    Very nice video, this explains the concept of mendelian genetics well and had good examples. I like the format of drawing everything out on a whiteboard and there was clear narration.

  17. kshah302 says:

    The video was wonderful with clear structure, an easy to understand narrative and eye-catching visuals. The video was put together nicely and could easily explain the concept to any individual.

    However, the audio in the video seemed too fast and made it tougher to comprehend the information. A background score could also enhance the quality of the video and make it more interesting.

  18. csettle6 says:

    The drawings on this video are amazing and must have taken a ton of work. However, the narrations were a bit too quick at parts; the entire video could have been slowed down slightly both to help the viewer absorb information and also take in the visuals more. Overall though the video is very successful in presenting information in a very straight-forward, easy to understand way, nicely done!

  19. twang363 says:

    I really liked the drawing style of video to deliver the information, it was really cool to see. The narration was a bit fast, but besides that it was a great video and really got the information across!

  20. smosley30 says:

    The visuals were awesome in this video! It made the concepts very easy to follow and kept it interesting. The voiceover was a little fast, but was still able to be clearly understood. One small thing, the audio at the end should have been cut short so that the laughing was not included in the video.

  21. mhanon6 says:

    The visuals were great! It was easy to follow along. A lot was covered in the video, but it definitely provided a lot of information. The example helped bring everything together. The only thing I would recommend is slowing down the speed of the voiceover. I think this video was fantastic! Definitely helped me review 🙂

  22. nharris39 says:

    Wow! Your illustrations are awesome! It really helps to keep the viewer engaged. The visuals such as the Punnet square definitely helped to visualize the inheritance concepts. I agree with other comments in that the voice over could be slowed down, but overall, you did a great job. I would also suggest that you consider discussing independent assortment and random segregation.

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