F15-03 Population Ecology

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10 Responses to F15-03 Population Ecology

  1. dsilverstein3 says:

    Great animations and good job defining the key terms. However, the fast-moving visuals can sometimes be difficult to follow.

  2. awang90 says:

    I thought this video was fantastic! It was really clear on vocabulary words and defining what these meant in a fun way. Also, the way the goldfish population was portrayed (i.e. such as why Jerry might have left, etc.) makes the video much more engaging as a whole. If there were any criticisms I might have, it would be that the goldfish that is referred to as “you” (the one with the bubbles) has an image that is a little fuzzier than the others.

  3. mleber3 says:

    Good video! I specifically like the examples. I do believe that you could introduce the different types of speciation in this video, if possible.

  4. noneill3 says:

    This video was very visually engaging and the creative storyline keeps the viewer interested. One suggestion to improve would be to make the terms more easy to focus on as there is so much going on in the video that they are kind of lost in the storyline.

  5. yan49 says:

    This video was very easy to follow and entertaining. The example using goldfish was very clever and cute! I think that the overall video was well made. I would suggest however slowing down on the definitions and maybe inserting different examples if time allowed.

  6. aboyd37 says:

    Great video! I liked the animations and I feel like you guys accurately defined all terms so the viewer could understand. I’d suggest simplifying the storyline a bit because it got a bit confusing (even though I managed to follow). Slowing down transitions would also help a bit 🙂

  7. fschneider9 says:

    I liked the story line and how everything fit nicely into it. There were never any random breaks where your example did not work, so nice job on that. As for improvement, I suggest zooming out of the scenes a bit. The individual goldfish were often very big and easy to see, but I think showing the entirety of a scene more would have been better.

  8. apatel429 says:

    Animations were on point and made the concept easier to understand! It might be better though if you thoroughly explain the definitions in the video.

  9. tdinh35 says:

    Using story of goldfish has kept the lecture about ‘population ecology’ alive. Very nice drawing. The video is very easy to follow and understand.

  10. vsundar8 says:

    The good sound quality and the clean, simple animations made this video very easy to watch and provided a strong foundation for all of the information presented in it. The storyline was entertaining but remained simple enough that the audience’s attention was not completely distracted from the concepts mentioned in the video.

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