F15-26 “What is: Behavior?”



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22 Responses to F15-26 “What is: Behavior?”

  1. mbenton30 says:

    This is an awesome video! I think the effects and the filming are extremely well done and you go into enough depth on the topics to keep it interesting without making anything too complicated. If I were to change anything, I might just shorten the intro a bit and just find a way to go maybe a little slightly more in depth on behavior in humans. Honestly, I had a hard time thinking of anything I would want to change in this. Great job!

  2. boh33 says:

    I loved how the video incorporated different parts and effects and how explanation of the topics was short and to the point. One way that I think the video could be improved is by incorporating more information about how this idea of behaviors to humans and evolution.

  3. jkim3116 says:

    The video is aesthetically pleasing and correctly provides a thorough explanation of what behavior is. I loved how multiple examples were provided for a deeper understanding for the viewer. In the beginning, I would shorten the intro because I honestly think it takes away from the video. Other than that, this was a great video! Good work!

  4. aburtz3 says:

    The video was entertaining the entire time and extremely well put together.

    The only change I would consider making would be to specifically mention one of the sources to increase credibility.

  5. eklarl3 says:

    This video kept my attention and simply explained behavior. It looked super professional! Very clean with good explanations and examples. I liked how you covered an example for each section.

  6. nbuxani3 says:

    Positive: Very creative way of explaining the ideas of behavior. Definitely did not get bored! It had some humor and was constantly changing, which was great. All the topics were covered too!
    Negative: I think I would definitely focus more on behavior of humans and how behavior affects evolution, perhaps by providing an example or two. Good overall though!

  7. kpatel364 says:

    The video filming and effects were great and this video was really informative. I liked the dating example, but I feel like you could improve the video by adding more of those examples that relate to something.

  8. jreini3 says:

    I like how the video clearly explains the material in a simple manner that is easy to understand for the viewer. The special effects and camera work help to make this an effective way to learn the material. If I was going to change one thing, I would cover behavior in human in a more in-depth manner.

  9. thowell31 says:

    Visually stunning! Your graphics do a great job of communicating the ideas presented. Perhaps expound a little more on the types of behavior exhibited by each of the species you mentioned, or give more examples like you did with phototropism. Ambient music was a nice touch. Well done!

  10. fchu31 says:

    This video was very entertaining in presenting information. The animations/clips/music made this video stimulating and fun. The only thing that I would add is a statement on why behavior is important.

  11. cmichel8 says:

    This video was incredibly professionally done. It was entertaining and clear and contained several examples the helped to clarify. Overall, it was great. My only suggestion would be to explain behavior from a more scientific standpoint. You did well explaining behavior in very broad every day terms but making that a little bit more applicable to other concepts covered in class would benefit the audience greatly.

  12. tsmith356 says:

    Overall I would say this video was very well done and you guys did a good job of explaining your learning objective and giving examples of it. The clips in the video also served as a great compliment to your voice over. For improvement I would suggest shortening the the introduction section since it was a little long and didn’t really add to your explanation, so you could spend more time explaining your concept instead.

  13. gwilliams81 says:

    The video has interesting graphics. It explains behavior well and is ultimately pretty engaging. Short and sweet!

  14. ktownsend3 says:

    Incredible cinematography! Although not the main objective of the video, the clear visuals made me much more engaged in the material that was being taught. I think that the examples provided for human behavior were a little too simple; perhaps you could have provided more descriptive and explanatory examples?

    Also, writing the key words (for example, “phototropism”, “signal molecule”, etc) on the screen would help them stick out more and make it easier for the reviewer to learn and remember them.

  15. bdecker9 says:

    The effects and filming on this video are very good and relate very well to the narration. The only improvement that could be made would be to give more specific examples for each type of behavior mentioned.

  16. nleonard6 says:

    An enjoyable video to watch! It was of high quality and was easy to understand. I think the introduction was a little lengthy and unnecessarily dramatic, but overall the remainder of the information was concise. If you missed the definition of behavior at the beginning, you would be a little lost throughout the video — an improvement would be explicitly emphasizing with each example what the stimuli was and what the reaction was to relate back to the definition of behavior.

  17. amathur44 says:

    This video did an awesome job of explaining the different components of behavior in an engaging way. I loved the visuals and background music, the only thing to improve on would be to make the camera more stable in the beginning shots.

  18. twang363 says:

    The editing and camera work for the video was great, it made for a fun video to watch. The information about behavior was well organized with various examples. The beginning intro was a bit lengthy but otherwise it was an excellent video.

  19. tdinh35 says:

    The video is very informative and funny. It keeps me focus for the entire video. Well done!

  20. cgillon3 says:

    The video was excellent. The filming was on point and the examples were very clear.
    If anything I would shorten the intro and include more information since these videos are already pretty short.

  21. pbondal3 says:

    I thought this video was very clear and I liked that you used various examples of organismal behavior. They were very entertaining! Good use of film direction.

  22. nharris39 says:

    This video was overall pretty good! The voice over was very clear and had nice inflection to keep me engaged. The quality of the video was also very good. I really enjoyed the examples. They started off simple and then introduced the more specific information. I would however, suggest trying to incorporate proximate and ultimate causes of behavior.

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