F15-49 A History of Life on Earth (abridged)

Sources are listed in the description of the YouTube video.

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17 Responses to F15-49 A History of Life on Earth (abridged)

  1. qqu3 says:

    The illustration nicely correlates with the information in the video. The materials are well explained and cover most things we learned in Module 3: Evolution, including the mass extinctions events and the evolution of life.

    I could not find anything that can be improved. It is overall a great video.

  2. dluehm3 says:

    The comedic drawings kept the video interesting. The voice was a bit quiet compared to the background music.

  3. Angela says:

    I really liked your drawings but maybe slow it down a little bit?

  4. ctobin9 says:

    I liked how the video involved the group drawing the visual aids as the concepts were explained–it helps to focus the viewer and make the video itself more interesting. I personally found it very distracting for there to be multiple colored pencils coloring the picture as the video progressed. Although the pictures made the video more interesting, the use of colored pencils was not necessary and it drew my attention away from the concepts being explained.

  5. nbuxani3 says:

    Positive: Great illustrations! Also, the humorous side notes were really funny! Overall, the information was very well given and would be a great study material.
    Negative: Could possible focus on labeling the main organisms that evolved at each step on the pictures. For example, beside the prokaryote organism, there could be a label saying what the organism is. Seeing the name beside the organism helps retain it!

  6. hchenot3 says:

    This video actually made me laugh out loud. I really enjoyed the hipster-themed-joke-infused explanation of a topic that usually isn’t too enthralling. Because the video keep me interested throughout, I was able to better absorb the information that was being explained.

    My only criticism was the speed of the video. While I am usually an abnormally fast reader and listener, this video may be a bit too fast-paced for most. If it were slowed down by even a quarter, it might be easier to understand every single explanation without getting lost.

  7. dfogg3 says:

    Awesome, I really liked the video, you hit all of the key points. I felt like it was a great tool to use while reviewing. The only suggestion that I have is slow it down a little, sometimes it was hard to keep up.

  8. jreini3 says:

    The visuals in this video are very effective in helping to communicate the material of the video. This group was effective in simplifying the material and presenting it in an understandable manner for the viewer.

  9. jwellford6 says:

    Jokes were cheesy but cute. The organization/timeline was very good and easy to understand.

  10. esisson3 says:

    It was very cute and informative with a format that was easy to follow and understand. The drawings were great and the jokes kept it interesting. It was a little fast paced and there were times that I had difficulty keeping up with what was being said or reading the speech bubbles.

  11. ebrook3 says:

    It was really funny and charming, and also very informative. The pacing was a bit overwhelming at times though because of all the content there was. Maybe focusing on a more condensed area would have been better. But great vid either way!

  12. lmasters3 says:

    The animations were really cute and I loved the little funny comments. Overall it was a fun video to watch. The pace was a little fast though.

  13. sshen63 says:

    really cute video! the video was really informational yet it didn’t feel rushed at all!

    i would say just slow it down a bit, but other than that it was great!

  14. zmaciejewski3 says:

    I really enjoy this style of video. The live hand drawn visuals and clear explanation mimicked the videos we’ve seen very well. I also liked the aspect of humor that spiced it up a bit and it shows how much time must have been spent on the script. The topic is well explained, if a little quick.

  15. khughes37 says:

    Great video! Very well done. The voice is a bit quiet and maybe a tad fast, but otherwise very engaging!

  16. mjung43 says:

    I felt like the pace of this video was perfect for me! I enjoyed the hand-drawn graphics and the coloring. It felt like everyone took part in the video, with multiple people drawing at once at some point. Phenomenal job on this video. I can’t find a flaw in this video.

  17. sking49 says:

    I really liked the drawings and the illustrations. However, I feel like the video was really fast with a ton of information. I understand being crunched for video time, but it is a bit difficult to follow.

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