F-15-16 Differences between Character Displacement and Resource Partitioning

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15 Responses to F-15-16 Differences between Character Displacement and Resource Partitioning

  1. ctobin9 says:

    I really liked how clear the video was and the creative use of basketball in order to further explain your concept.
    The initial information presented at the beginning of the video would have been more interesting if you had written out the information or showed it in a more interesting way than a stationary PowerPoint slide.

  2. esamantaray3 says:

    Helpful example with linking it with an everyday, understanding topic. It helped to differentiate the two concepts!

  3. rclyburn6 says:

    I really enjoyed the the metaphors that you guys employed. The comparison to basketball really helps make the biological concepts more relatable despite their complexity. This should be used in more educational environments. I would suggest trying to simplify the visuals at the beginning, maybe just spacing them out in order to make it easier on the eye

  4. mwalden6 says:

    Really informative video! Helped clear up the differences for me. The only recommendation I have would be to equalize the audio since some parts were very loud and others were almost difficult to hear. I might also add transitions between clips.

  5. hchenot3 says:

    My only suggestion for this video would be a better first half. The first few minutes were merely copied pictures and definitions with a voice overlay. If I stumbled upon this on the internet, I would probably click away before the video got to the more interesting half.

    Once the live-action explanation began, I enjoyed the video. It was humorous (and was therefore entertaining), while still solidifying the concepts presented. Tying the differences between character displacement and resource partitioning to a relatable and fully understandable situation allows the viewer to better understand what is being taught.

  6. sholtzen3 says:

    I enjoyed this video because it linked an abstract concept of biology to a real world example.

  7. achiddarwar3 says:

    This video was very good in my opinion. The information in the beginning was very concise and clear. The question was answered and I liked the fact that you included a basketball example.This kept my interest but also reinforced the idea. One thing that could have been improved was that the information in the beginning was presented in a dull manner. If this information was presented in a more captivating way, this video would have been perfect.

  8. pbrown39 says:

    I really like the analogy of the basketball players. I feel like you could have just led with that and then explained the concept of character displacement and resource partitioning after that. Besides that though I liked the voice over because it had a calm, smooth pace and I could clearly hear every word that was said but maybe try to sound a little more excited about the topic next time.

  9. bkipreos3 says:

    I think that the first part of the video, before the basketball metaphor was the best part. The scene with the two players comparing talents was a little too long in my opinion, but it did get the point across.

  10. jbethea9 says:

    This video was really helpful and cleared up a lot of confusion! This was a very good explanation of the differences between character displacement and resource partitioning! I do suggest something other than long definitions on PowerPoint slides in the beginning.

  11. kshah302 says:

    The use of the basketball metaphor was extremely interesting and it grabbed my attention immediately. Since the video had my attention, I was clearly able to comprehend what was told in the video and thus could understand the concept without any difficulty. However, the video was unnecessarily longer because the the “speed”, “passing” and “blocking” parts could have reduced the length and shorter videos are always better. Secondly, the beginning of the video was quite dull and could easily dissuade the viewer from continuing watch the entire thing.

  12. fnguyen8 says:

    This video was great! The real life examples really helped out with understanding the concept. The only recommendation I have would be to create the beginning half of the video to be more dynamic to interact with the audience more.

  13. jclark91 says:

    Great video. I liked how the video was clear and presented an easy way to understand the biological concepts. The basketball example definitely keep me interested in watching the remainder of the video as I am a sports fan. On the other hand, the only suggestion I have is to spice up the beginning of the video before the basketball example. Solid work

  14. kmarshall30 says:

    I really enjoyed this video you had a mixture of explaining the topic and part of your analogy to the topic which made it very helpful to understand the concept, also great music! I wouldn’t change a thing.

  15. dsmith372 says:

    I really enjoyed how this video incorporated a voiceover to explain the concepts along with a fun video for a better balance than just having one. You guys did a great job of explaining the difference between two easily confused concepts, and I liked that you really emphasized them by explaining them in multiple ways. One suggestion would be to maybe make the beginning of the video more dynamic to match the video half as that seemed a bit disjointed.

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