F15-20 Sex Linked Genetics

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14 Responses to F15-20 Sex Linked Genetics

  1. hallen30 says:

    I honestly have no complaints about this video. It was done well, explained the topic thoroughly, and managed to stay interesting. Good job!

  2. jstephenson36 says:

    My favorite thing about this video was that you guys used an example (color blindness) to explain sex-linked genes. This would help someone struggling with the topic because instead of just giving the definition, they could see the sex-linked gene at work. My critique is about the pedigree chart. While I do think it was a great idea to include it in the video, it got very confusing since you were talking so fast. My suggestion would be to attach a sex-linked Punnett square to every example you say, so the viewer has a visual.

  3. akershteyn3 says:

    Great animation and explanation! The explanations using crosses and the pedigree chart were very helpful. I like that you included Morgan’s experiment. The only thing I would change is to show a physical punnet square cross with the X and Y chromosomes to make the where outcome chromosomes came from a bit easier to visualize, but overall I really liked it!

  4. jphua3 says:

    Cute video

  5. skarmarkar6 says:

    Great job explaining why guys are more likely to be colorblind and how sex-linkage affects both genders. It would be better if you maybe showed how autosomal traits differ from sex-linked traits (although if this wasn’t part of your objective then it’s fine). Otherwise, nice job!

  6. abenton6 says:

    I really enjoyed this video, specifically how you discussed color-blindness, as I am a red-green color-blind male.
    The only real improvement I can think of would be to do a better job hiding that you are moving pictures, etc to make the video look more polished. Once again, though, I really thought this was informative and fun to watch. Good job!

  7. mmartin99 says:

    The colorblindness was a great example for this topic. The visuals of the different pedigrees were very helpful with understanding the patterns of inheritance. This was very helpful for me because I had problems understanding sex linked genetics before watching this video. One suggestion is to slow down when explaining concepts, because it can be difficult to keep up with the rapid explanations. Overall, one of the best videos I’ve watched.

  8. sabdulhameed3 says:

    The video was full of information and facts! I really enjoyed the example about the color blindness because it was explained so well! However, the video got fast at times, making it hard to follow the information being said- I suggest slowing it down.

  9. clide3 says:

    This is a great video! The intro definitely got my attention and the concepts were well explained. Also, I think the color blindness example was a good choice. There were a few places where it was a little difficult to keep up with what was going on so it may have been good to slow down or go in to a little more detail, but overall everything was really good!

  10. jbethea9 says:

    I liked the animations in the video. This was a very thorough and clear explanation of sex linked genetics! My suggestion is to include Punnett squares when doing the pedigree analysis. It would help the audience to follow along a little better.

  11. jlary3 says:

    This video is very thorough and easy to follow. I would suggest adding a slide with a list of the points for review of x linked genetics along with the audio for additional focus.

  12. sshen63 says:

    Nice use of examples! the video was cute and very helpful! I think you could’ve included more information regarding the topic.

  13. mntende3 says:

    The music isn’t necessary, I don’t know if you can take out the buzzing, but it is kind of distracting also. Great Video! Very through and easy to follow!

  14. silter3 says:

    You explained the topic very well. The animations were a bit crude but very effective in displaying the intricacies of x-linked genetics. Very well done.

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