F15-29 Mutualism

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17 Responses to F15-29 Mutualism

  1. hallen30 says:

    I liked this video! It was informative, but easy to understand. The examples of each kind of symbiosis were excellent, and I thought the Spider-Man one was especially well placed. The illustrations were well done, and the audio matched the video perfectly. Well done!

  2. edernar3 says:

    Very good descriptions and excellent examples. There was some downtime when they were erasing that could have been cut down.

  3. gcaesar3 says:

    The examples were clearly explained, and the drawings kept the video interesting! My only suggestion is figuring out how to cut it down to keep it within the time limit.

  4. nleon6 says:

    The visuals and audio were great together! The content was explained very well and in a funny manner.

    I would suggest cutting the frame where Mutual is written too large, erased, then mutualism is written.

  5. sedwards48 says:

    Great job! I really liked your drawings and creative examples. At some points, the music was too loud.

  6. awang90 says:

    I found this video to be both fun and engaging! I personally really liked how this video was created through drawings and other notes, and then the subsequent explanation that the narrator provided. There were also some fun little bits with references that made me smile and as a whole, made me engage more into the video. If I were to criticize one thing, it would be that the lighting for this video is a little yellow. It’s really not a big issue however; honestly, that’s really the only small criticism I could provide!

  7. rmajumdar3 says:

    Very well put-together video, although it’s a bit longer than it should be the descriptions of the concepts were very thorough and well done.

  8. jwroe3 says:

    Very funny video that explained the content well. The lighting could have been better but aside from that there is very little room for improvement in this video.

  9. mmartin99 says:

    The information was very good and served as a great refresher. I really liked the visuals. They were clear, funny, and easy to understand. The spiderman example was original! Some of the information seemed repetitive, and at one point, two different examples were being drawn at the same time. This was very distracting for me. I would suggest drawing one example at a time. Otherwise, this was a very enjoyable video.

  10. kzimmerman30 says:

    The video has good examples for each of the types of symbiosis, and the music makes a nice background when there’s no voiceover. One way to improve it might be to decrease the music volume when you’re talking, it was a bit distracting from your words.

  11. mstopford3 says:

    Your video did a great job of creating a visualization of the concepts you were discussing. By limiting what information you had on screen, you lessened the cognitive load on the mind and explained through audio the significance of the picture. Nice! I also liked the clarity of the audio as well as the process of creating the pictures. Great work!

  12. ksit3 says:

    Great video! I really love the funny visuals and the humor that was in the video such as Spider-Man mutualism analogy. One thing I would suggest would be to have better lighting.

  13. nleonard6 says:

    Loved the video! It did a good job of thoroughly explaining the concept, with creative and deeply involved examples as well as wonderful pictures. There was also a good balance between volume of the narrator’s voice and the music. My only criticism is that certain parts of the drawing could be cut (erasing and rewriting things), and that it was a little distracting in the scene with the whiteboard divided into three.

  14. aganapathy7 says:

    Great video! It explained the concepts clearly, for the most part. I would only suggest trying to cut it down to fit the time constraint, perhaps by getting rid of extra downtime where you’re erasing the board.

  15. acruz35 says:

    I loved the video! It was fun, entertaining and most importantly enlightening. Great job with the artwork and I loved the subtle use of music as well. It was easy to follow and you explained mutualism and all of it’s components clearly. Great video!

  16. koates7 says:

    Your group did an amazing job on this video. The audio was extremely entertaining. The speakers sounded enthusiastic, and the music used was very engaging. The erasing scenes could possibly cut, but they also add to the overall flow.

  17. dlee712 says:

    Whoa! That was a really good video. I actually watched this video multiple times to help me study and go over module 2. It was very informative. Thank you!

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