F15-43 Reproductive Barriers



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22 Responses to F15-43 Reproductive Barriers

  1. jchen622 says:

    I thought your explanations were on-point and the artwork was also very cute. The only thing I would change would be the temporal isolation. Instead of just a moving clock, you could show the frogs being active at different times of day/seasons.

  2. cbleick3 says:

    The video was very knowledgeable with the information and gave great examples. Your video also had great pictures, but I felt that the jumpiness between the frames could be hard on the eyes during some of the video.

  3. qqu3 says:

    Nice drawing and editing of the video. It’s informative, the the concept are clearly presented through verbal and visual communications.

    Improvement: the volume of background music can be diminished.

  4. rzs3 says:

    Great video! Y’all explained the concepts very well without making it over complicated. This really helped me refresh on pre zygotic vs post zygotic. The only thing I would’ve changed is using a tripod or something to keep the camera in a stable position, but this really isn’t a major problem. Overall, awesome video!

  5. rgarland6 says:

    Very impressed by the quality and detail in this video. I’m sure the stop motion was difficult and tedious to make. The examples about these barriers in different species helped me understand the concepts a lot better. The only suggestion I have is to maybe consider including some examples that aren’t animals or humans. These concepts are fairly easy to understand in animals but a little more difficult to grasp when thinking about plants or other living organisms.

  6. ahampton30 says:

    I liked the introduction, like it was a Youtube channel and a continuing on the episodes. The examples and pictures were very detailed and very easy to follow. Very well put together.

  7. nbuxani6 says:

    I thought that the information was explained pretty well. I also liked the music haha! The visuals could have been executed more cleanly.

  8. lps6 says:

    Wow! Phenomenal job on your video! The visuals were very creative and the information presented was very easy to understand. The information presented was also in-depth. If any constructive feedback has to be given, I would say that the volume of the voice-over was a little hard to hear (could’ve projected a little more). All in all, awesome job!

  9. cpettit6 says:

    The use of examples for each is good and everything was included succinctly given the time limit. The music is a bit loud and garbles the narrator at parts, and some of the examples could be more clear/better explained (gametic and mechanical isolation).

  10. awang90 says:

    This was a really good video! I enjoyed how it was shot as a video and how the vocabulary was explained using the different cutouts. These sorts of little details made the video as a whole much more engaging and interesting. A criticism to take note on is that the source part of the video doesn’t need to be quite so long in my opinion.

  11. bliberman3 says:

    Your video was very whimsical and informative! Your animations are very well done and make the topic overtly easy to comprehend. Honestly, I was very impressed by the technique and artwork done into making the video. There is very little that needs to be critiqued with regards to this video. If there were one thing that could have been improved, it would be that the language the omnipotent voice-over employs contains some jargon and elevated vocabulary that may make it a tad more difficult to understand the topic at hand. But at worst, this is a minor issue. This video is very well-done!

  12. tmitchell44 says:

    The use of the frame by frame paper and marker animations clearly illustrated each idea narrated.

  13. achristianson3 says:

    By starting off with the music, you guys really threw a curveball and instantly got me engaged. I really enjoyed how you guys presented your information, using the white board. One thing that I think could be different is maybe having one other person speak during the presentation in order to have a little bit of change.

  14. aboyd37 says:

    Stop motion!! Yay! I really like stop motion videos and you guys really executed this well! 🙂 It managed to be artistic, while also being informative and clear. I think the temporal barrier animation could have been represented better. Maybe one frog could be “sleeping” while the other is awake and so on. That would have helped in clarifying the point. Also, for gametic isolation the sperm could have been shown trying to penetrate the egg. This would have also clarified. Overall, you guys did great and I’ll definitely use this video for review! 🙂

  15. cnguyen76 says:

    Very well done video! The explanations for each were very well defined and informative, and was a nice refresher to these concepts. One thing I would suggest is coloring the examples different colors (i.e. the two frogs were the same color, the birds were the same color, etc.), as this would help to differentiate that they’re different species and so on.

  16. gwilliams81 says:

    Creative graphics, overall informative and useful. 45 seconds of sources seems unnecessary and seems that it could have been done better.

  17. jcochell3 says:

    I really liked this video, the narration was very informative and the illustrations only helped add to that. One thing I would say is to maybe not have the music play throughout the whole video. It was definitely a good intro and outro, but it was a bit distracting at times when the narrator was speaking.

  18. nhardy7 says:

    This video was really awesome and well put together. The animations and narration were perfect. The only thing that could be improved upon is giving a little more information for each type to get a little better understanding.

  19. silter3 says:

    Creative artwork and animation style. You displayed the different types of isolation very clearly and concisely.

  20. fasif6 says:

    The structure was very easy to follow while also being interesting. However, the board felt a little empty and the shakiness of the video was a little distracting. Overall, the video was very informative and well-executed.

  21. sking49 says:

    The video was very captivating, from the music to the illustrations. I like the fact the definition of each barrier was not listed, but that examples were given. The stability of the frames was a bit aggravating, but that does not take away from the valuable content.

  22. mwyatt6 says:

    The video was very informative and had good imagery to go with the concepts as they were being explained. One thing that could have been improved was the music always playing in the background that made it hard to concentrate on the video.

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