F15-13: NAD+/NADH


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13 Responses to F15-13: NAD+/NADH

  1. qqu3 says:

    I think the concept of NAD+/NADH is to complicated to be summarized in one minute, and there are many implications of it that can not be describe by pizza delivery. The zooming picture did not make me follow your path of thought, and I end up being more confused about the purpose of NAD+/NADH in cellular respiration. I think the video would be better if only one process that involves with NAD+/NADH (oxidative respiration, fermentation, the electron transport chain, glycolysis, etc.) is explained in detail.

  2. boh33 says:

    I like how this video was concise and to the point with its concepts, not making it complicated to understand. However, I think it could have talked about the actual inputs and outputs of cellular respiration instead of only just showing the diagrams.

  3. arao79 says:

    The comparison of electron carriers to environmentally-friendly pizza shops and non environmentally-friendly donut shops in respiration vs. fermentation was definitely interesting and explains the difference between these two main methods of obtaining ATP in a unique way. The only improvement I would suggest is to incorporate more moving shots into the film instead of only using a “slideshow” format in order to make the video more attention-grabbing. Overall great video!

  4. dluehm3 says:

    Good analogy. The voice needs to be more enthusiastic.

  5. ctobin9 says:

    I really liked your use of analogy! It really helps the viewer to better comprehend the subject, this would have been useful for the Module 3 test.
    I think instead of just showing or panning a picture, you should try drawing it out on video in order to better engage your audience.

  6. cpettit6 says:

    Really liked the music! xD Would’ve mentioned what specifically works in the place of NAD+ and NADH during fermentation.

  7. bliberman3 says:

    While all your information is sound, I did had a hard time following what you were saying. Often, the voice-over would be discussing a topic and the picture showed only loosely related. A broad image of the Krebs cycle does not truly help when the products of fermentation are being discussed. Just, in general, I found the video hard to follow. However, your information is all accurate and relevant, so well done there.

  8. lkeller8 says:

    Creating a new real world example was a constructive addition to the video, but the video seemed very rushed and it was hard to understand the information because a lot of different information was being thrown at you quickly and it was hard to relate the information to the example at that pace. The drawings were a decent touch, it would have been more captivating had there been videos and not simply pictures of drawings.

  9. ameadows31 says:

    I think this video had an interesting take on the processes. The analogy is thoughtful and keeps the viewer entertained. I thought the music was unsuspected and that caused the viewer to pay even closer attention to the video. I think this video could be improved by adding more information on the specifics of the processes so that they are easier to understand.

  10. cgan31 says:

    Great Video, I enjoyed the comparison but it was a little hard to follow. If someone didn’t know much about this process, I don’t think they would’ve been able to understand it without re-watching and pausing a lot. The pictures seemed to flash for a few seconds and sometimes it was hard to know where you wanted us to look at. All in all, I’d say you had a great thought for the comparison, it’d just be better if it was a tad longer and a little more organized.

  11. ghanekamp3 says:

    Great use of analogy to make your point clear. I would, however, have elaborated a bit more on the diagrams of respiration and fermentation in the video. They were shown but never really explained. Overall great job

  12. nkilavuz3 says:

    The analogy to a pizza restaurant is a clever one that relates the process to real life examples. However, they did not explain the material deeply enough. The explanations remain superficial, and the mechanisms behind the process are not explained. The video is too short to provide the audience with a broad understanding of the oxidative pathways. Also, the narrative speech did not match well with the visual content.
    Overall, the video serves as a good general background knowledge on the topic but does not deliver an adequate and deep insight into the topic.

  13. fasif6 says:

    I’ve always struggled with NAD+ and NADH but this makes it a little easier to understand. However, it felt a little short and could have used some more detail, but it still delivered all the necessary information.

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