F15-11 Discovery of the Structure of DNA

Edit: There is a small mistake at time 1:57 in which it is stated that purine bases have one ring and pyrimidines have two; it is actually the opposite with the purines (Adenine and Guanine) each having TWO rings and the pyrimidines (Cytosine and Thymine) each having ONE ring. The diagram in the video is correct.

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16 Responses to F15-11 Discovery of the Structure of DNA

  1. ccaskey6 says:

    I really liked the software used by this group to create the animation used to describe the discoveries made about DNA. It made it more interesting to watch. One thing I didn’t like, though, was that they assumed the viewers knew more specific things about DNA, like what nucleotides, phosphodiester bonds, and the sugar-phosphate backbone were without really explaining them.

  2. rgarland6 says:

    The details and graphics in this video are great!! The information is sufficient while not overwhelming. Great work! The only suggestion that I have was to maybe focus on one aspect of this timeline of events and give more detail about that instead of giving just a little bit of detail about the whole timeline.

  3. arao79 says:

    The animations in this video are very good and greatly contribute to conveying the information in the script. This is the best video I have seen thus far and, besides editing the small error about purines and pyrimidines, I think your video is excellent.

  4. hwarlick3 says:

    I liked this video because it was very thorough, but at the same time it was a lot of information for three minutes. I think a longer video or less information could help a lot because the narrator was speaking very fast and some parts were hard for me to understand. I thought the animation was creative (although there seemed to be some timing issues).

  5. sedwards48 says:

    Awesome job! I really liked the editing of this video! It was very informative without being drawn out. Next time just verify your facts before publishing.

  6. zschlesinger3 says:

    I really liked the animation. It was interesting and held my attention while helping me to remember the material.

    I don’t see anywhere that this could be improved. Great video.

  7. vmaheshwari8 says:

    The animation was fantastic. The narrative sound quality was really clear as well. Overall very informative video that was easy on the eye too.

  8. cferden3 says:

    Very cute! The editing is on point and the voice over paired very well with the animation. I noticed a hiccup in your information but I see you have included the edit at the end. Great video overall.

  9. mleach6 says:

    This animation is entertaining and informative; I really like seeing something besides drawings- well done! This video provided all the necessary information (except the one statement you’ve corrected) and encapsulated a detailed summary of the section.

  10. ksit3 says:

    Great video. The animations and the graphics very helpful in the comprehension of the the narration. One thing I would suggest is to perhaps expand with some additional details with the methods of the research done by each person.

  11. csims39 says:

    This video was exceptional! The animation used was great, and made the video appear quite professional, as well as being easy to understand. In addition, the information was presented well and thoroughly. I wouldn’t mind using this to review.

  12. silter3 says:

    Displayed the information on the topic of DNA structure very effectively through the use of animations and graphics. Graphics were very well designed.

  13. cgillon3 says:

    I love the animation software you used, its was very entertaining.
    Other than double checking your information before you finished it (which you appropriately fixed with the edit), it was a great video.

  14. rbonk3 says:

    This video was very professionally made, which made the biological concepts very easy to understand. The voiceover was clear and informative, as were the visuals presented on screen. Great work.

  15. mjung43 says:

    I loved the visualizations for this video! The concepts were easy to understand, and the narration was also clear, which helped a lot in understanding the concepts. This video was both engaging and educational. I don’t think I can give any suggestion to make this better. Nice job.

  16. enguyen9 says:

    This video was excellent! I loved the use of animation. You really went above and beyond the requirements for this project. The only suggestion I have is to perhaps match the audio quality with the the visual quality. Great work.

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