F15-04 Mass Extinction


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12 Responses to F15-04 Mass Extinction

  1. kpatel364 says:

    Great video! It was really informative and I liked the drawings, However, you could have incorporated more color to easily distinguish the different parts of the drawings.

  2. tmitchell44 says:

    This visualizations with clear narration were really helpful. For example in the Devonian explanation.

  3. kcannon9 says:

    The video was extremely informative and had excellent visual aids. I also really enjoyed the background music. I wish that maybe there was a change in scenery.

  4. mvarga6 says:

    Very informative and had excellent drawings, however the camera’s shakiness made it unstable and very hard to follow. Also, a better mic should’ve been used. I particularly liked how you added such indepth drawings to make the concepts easier to follow

  5. cmichel8 says:

    This video was great. The visuals were clear and so was the information. I also liked how you added the background music. However, at times the information was presented a little to quickly. Slowing down a bit would help audience comprehension. Overall, great job!

  6. eeason3 says:

    The pictures were excellent, and your video is overall pretty informative. One thing is that the narration was slightly too fast and I had to rewatch it to pick up on some of the concepts.

  7. ksit3 says:

    The video is very descriptive with the major points (i.e. statistical data and environmental changes) for each of the extinction events and the visuals was very helpful. More color could be added to enhance the visuals and the background was somewhat distracting.

  8. dsubramani3 says:

    The visuals went along really well with the narrative and kept me focused and attentive the entire time! I really liked the way you portrayed the information and thought it was effective! It might’ve been a little useful to add in the dates of the extinctions.

  9. jpardo6 says:

    I really enjoyed the drawings in this video! I understand that filming a video like this is difficult but reducing how much the video shakes would help improve the video.

  10. mhanon6 says:

    The video was very informative. The information provided was concise and to the point and really highlighted the outcome and causes of each extinction. To make the quality of the video better I would probably recommend a reduction in camera movement, but great job!

  11. pbondal3 says:

    Very descriptive! I thought the live drawing explained the topic well. Visuals were very clear and easy to understand. Very nice flow. My only critique is that there could have been more color

  12. nharris39 says:

    Great video! In class, we only focused on a couple of the mass extinctions, but explaining more of them here helped me to have a more in-depth understanding of mass extinctions. It is also helpful that you discussed why this was helpful for organisms in the next period. I would suggest reducing the camera movement and maybe defining adaptive radiation since you hinted at it without actually using the term.

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