F15-10 Mendelian Genetics


Journal of Biology. (2009, March 4). Why Didn’t Darwin Discover Mendel’s Laws?. ScienceDaily. Retrieved November 10, 2015 from www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/02/090227072739.htm

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22 Responses to F15-10 Mendelian Genetics

  1. mbenton30 says:

    Overall, you’re video is high quality and done very well. You did a really good job of touching on all of the information involved in mendelian genetics. I think if there was anything you would need to change, it’d just be more explanation of what a pun net square is and what exactly it is that genotypic and phenotypic ratios mean and why they are difference from one another. But well done, very engaging video.

  2. ccaskey6 says:

    I really liked how the video simplified the idea of alleles and genes, because I personally find it confusing sometimes, and how they made up their own example to explain the idea of phenotypes and genotypes. One thing I would’ve fixed is talking about the Punnett Squares because they seemed to go over that pretty quickly, especially the dihybrid cross. They could’ve talked about this a little longer since they were still thirty seconds below the time constraint.

  3. akershteyn3 says:

    I really liked the helpful explanations and examples. The only thing I would fix is trying to find someway to write on the board so that pre-existing text isn’t being hidden when someone is writing. Overall, nice helpful video!

  4. jphua3 says:

    Could be better if the video didnt have the person blocking the whiteboard as it was playing

  5. nbuxani6 says:

    I thought that the majority of main ideas were covered. However, I felt that many assumptions were made and I felt that the video didn’t explain the reasoning for some of the results. The video could have been more visually appealing.

  6. dsilverstein3 says:

    Good idea using examples of phenotypes to show differences in genotypes. You could consider defining the key terms like “heterozygous” and “independent assortment” so that someone that does not know anything about these concepts could more easily follow along.

  7. tmitchell44 says:

    Good background into Mendel and his experiments, however another real world example would have been nice.

  8. bcosta6 says:

    I like the way the video uses the white board concept. The introduction is too rough, for a student that is just getting familiarized with genetics concept it would be hard to understand the basis of what is explained in the video. Some fundamental explanations are missing like: what is an allele, what do they mean by the crossings. About the video quality, the fact that the viewer can see the back of the student drawing became distracting and hard to follow. The sound is clear and the script follows perfectly the voice recording and the explanation. No credits were included nor citations. Nice video quality. Helped review the concept of mendelian genetics.

  9. lkeller8 says:

    The information was very descriptive and included a phenomenal visual that helped the viewer follow along with and understand the information well. The only problem with this video was the lack of variation in the video. It was only one long video of a whiteboard. Another example or other footage could have been included to add variety to the video and make the video more interesting.

  10. fchu31 says:

    The explanation and concepts for this video was very clear and jargon-free. I could follow and understand the information being presented well. However, I believe that you should state that many genes violate the Law of Independent Assortment and explain what a punnet square is.

  11. mvarga6 says:

    Aside from the camera’s shakiness, the video and sound quality of the video was good. The video presented the large amount of information in a timely and well done manner and gave me a good understanding of what was being covered

  12. wporter8 says:

    This is a well thought out, informative video that clearly describes the topic.

    The graphics could’ve been of higher quality, and the way the different phenotypes were explained could’ve been more clear.

  13. aboyd37 says:

    Very good video guys! I liked the visuals and the voice overs went with the stuff you guys were drawing to help me understand the topic. The only thing I would suggest is filming (or writing) from a different angle, as sometimes the information was being blocked by the writer. Explaining dominant and recessive (briefly) would have been helpful also.:)

  14. prasania3 says:

    Great video! The idea of alleles and independent assortment are well stated, though I think the creation of gametes leading to independent assortment could have been addressed. I also think that the dihybrid cross could have been explained a little more thoroughly. Over all great video and good visuals to support your ideas!

  15. sholtzen3 says:

    I liked this video because it went over mendelian genetics in a way that was clear and easy to understand. I think that the Punnett squares should be discussed in further detail as that is basically the cornerstone of mendelian genetics. Overall, the video quality is very good.

  16. mstopford3 says:

    For someone using this as review, it does an excellent job covering all the concepts behind Mendelian genetics and uses fun and concise visuals which help drive home the point. However, if someone were to review this with no prior understanding, it would be rough. You guys jump into the specifics fairly quick, and leave the viewer dazed by throwing in so many terms in such short time period. All together though, the video is well thought out and and makes the most of using just the whiteboard as a prop.

  17. zmaciejewski3 says:

    I liked the whiteboard visuals and you covered the topic of Mendelian genetics well. I would have liked some definitions of key terms which would make the video easier to follow and more informative. I would also have liked a deeper explanation of the Punnet Square as it was somewhat short.

  18. nwoubshet3 says:

    I like that the video wasn’t just a bunch of still images, but I still felt like it could have been more visually appealing. Other than that the concepts were thoroughly explained.

  19. apatel429 says:

    I thought the beginning of the video was a bit overwhelming without a clear introduction of the definition of an allele or gene. It was detailed though and included relevant examples of phenotypes and genotypes. I would definitely attempt to explain terms such as “independent assortment” as someone who is a novice in genetics would be confused.

  20. aganapathy7 says:

    This video was effective in that it explained the concept of alleles and genes really well and simplified it so that anyone could understand it. In addition, the examples they provided were really good for clarification of concepts.
    I think the main improvement they could make is explaining the Punnett squares concept a little longer; it seemed rushed in the video.

  21. csims39 says:

    I really liked this video and its visuals. The audio was fairly clear, the visuals were very good (especially considering that they were hand-drawn), and the concept was well and thoroughly explained.

  22. apietri3 says:

    I liked being walked through the different crosses and I thought that the information was presented at a very good pace that was easy to follow. I think it would have been helpful to point at the phenotypes when they were being mentioned because if I didn’t know what it was it might have been unclear.

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